Saturday, March 17, 2018

A King, A High Priest, A High Judge, A Prophet

"Go to the levitical priests and to the head judge in office at that time and look into things there. They will announce to you the correct ruling. " (Deut 17:9)

"You can indeed appoint over you a king that the Lord your God selects." (Deut 17:15a)

"I'll raise up a prophet for them from among their fellow Israelites - one just like you,. I'll put my words in his mouth, and he will tell them everything I command." (Deut 18:18

There are plenty of references for the establishment of the priesthood and the high priest, but many people are ignorant of the other offices that were established by God through Moses.

We do not hear too often about the head judge who would decide all the tough cases that could not be settled by the elders in each of the tribes.

Many also think that the introduction of a king during Samuel's time was an insult to God. Although he preferred to be their king, he had made provisions for the establishment of a king. It would appear that the king's purpose would be the head of the army and be responsible for the defense of the land. According to what God established, it would appear that this office was open to abuse so God placed limits on his power and wealth. He also made the study of the law a priority to keep everything in perspective.

There is also the establishment of the prophet. Although Moses fulfilled all these roles, the prophet is the one role that God specifically said would be like Moses. God would communicate through the prophet to the people. The priests carried out the requirements of the Law but it was the prophet who would speak for God. This is another office that would be open to abuse so God gave directions on how to detect a false prophet.

The one who truly fulfilled all these offices is Jesus. He is our high priest. He is our king. He is the judge. He came as a new order of prophets, speaking and doing what he heard and saw in Father.