Monday, January 5, 2009

Socks, Underwear and God

As I write it is early afternoon and my students are hard at work. I can hear many keyboards clinking and the occasional whisper as the students do their best to get back into the swing of things. To be honest their thoughts are not on their school work today but instead they are thinking about their completed holidays. I can understand. It is no easier on the staff than it is on the students to get back into the routine of school life.

Some of us are routine people; we find it easier to live when life around us is somewhat ordered. Not everyone is like this but there are far more of us than what most want to admit. Some orderly people never achieve a level of order that allows them to enjoy life. They spend most of their time getting organized without actually getting there. I sometimes wonder if order is only an illusion or an unrealistic expectation.

Now I am not referring to those people who obviously have a problem in this area; the ones who are obsessed with order. No, I am referring to the common people who have a t-shirt drawer and a sock drawer. (You know you are an obsessive person if you have your socks and underwear sorted by colour in those drawers.) A normal person likes to have things where they know they will find them, and who get frustrated when their desk is a mess. My students laugh at me on this matter but orderliness can lend itself to success. There are not a lot of disorganized successful people out there (don't ask me for my sources as I am only making this up to feel better about things).

The most important matter in orderliness is in our thinking, in our processing of information, in our study of the Word of God. Think of it this way, if we take the time to put all our socks in the same drawer should we not take the time on a much more important subject like our eternity? The study of God's Word should not be left to chance, or when we can find the time. Worship should not be left to fit in where we can, if we can. Pray should never be shoved to the end of the day when we have nothing left to give to God. I know we never mean to let our spiritual lives fall into such an unorganized state but how can it not when we put no thought into it?

I mean it, God deserves more thought than we put into organizing our clothes. He deserves our best which requires a plan. Sit down and give it some thought now; when will you study the Word; when will you pray; how will you worship him? Try it and see what happens. The growth you experience could be out of this world.

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Sinead Roy said...

Hm. If I colour code my husband's sock drawer, but not my own...what does that make me? Mind you, he only has 2 shades black and white!