Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Student Devotions - The Priorities Of Jesus

Good morning students,

I hope you enjoy your nice mild day today. It remains cold up here. I imagine the Spring comes much later in Mistissini and the snow would not disappear until at least May sometime. Great for the snowmobiles.

This morning we are looking at Luke 8, verses 40 to the end. Here we again come across the incident of Jairus, his dying daughter and the sick woman who interupts Jesus on his way to see Jairus' daughter.

As civilized human beings we have learned to prioritize things in our life according to importance. Mind you what we consider important differs from person to person and sometimes we get our priorities messed up. For example, homework should be one of those items near the top of your list of things to do when you get home. Yet, for most of you it would be the last thing you consider before going to bed. At the top of your list would be "grab a snack", "call a friend", "write on FaceBook", "watch a movie", "go shopping" and a number of other things.

Some priorities are forced upon us. Most moms and dads have a long list of priorities that they must attend to before they can do anything for themselves. Teachers are the same way. Most business men have the illusion that they are in charge of their agenda (the same as pastors) but often their agenda is controlling them.

If you have been to an emergency room lately you will have a better understanding of priorities. The first thing that happens in an emergency room is an assessment by a nurse. She determines where you fit in their list of priorities. Those who can wait are made to wait. Those that have something life threatening (like a missing head) are rushed in ahead of those that have been waiting for 15 hours. A bit frustrating for those that are waiting but perfectly understandable.

You would think that such a list in an Emergency Room could also be applied to the things of Jesus. Certainly he has priorities, right? Well, not as we understand priorities. His priorities have more to do with timing than they have to do with importance. Afterall, he can do everything at the same time. But what if he were to limit his power in human form? What would he do about priorities then? Would he consider dying children to be of greater priority than a sick woman? We would, wouldn't we?

Come on, we can feel bad for the woman, she has been suffering for a long time and no one had been able to help her up to now. Still, we are comparing a long term illness to a present-moment emergency; a child was dying. Sick children always come out at teh top of teh list of priorities, especially dying children. You know who would get the priority in an Emergency Room. Yet, even in human form Jesus had a better understanding of time and death than we will ever have. As Jesus referred to it, death is but to fall asleep. No one else could understand, especially the dad, so for them I am sure they were feeling frustrated and evem panicked. But because Jesus had a much better understanding he was able to give priority to the moment. In that moment the sick woman was his priority. For Jesus every moment of our today is a priority for him.

Busy teachers may move you down on their list of priorities, unless you are having an academic emergency. Busy parents may put you off until you have a crisis. Friends may get too busy for you. Yet, Jesus is guranteed to give you his full attention 24 hours a day. For those of us who want flesh and bone in our lives it may seem like a lesser thing but Jesus can touch us where friends and family can't. He can heal where others hurt. He can comfort where others do not understand.

There is a new worship song that my church has been singing recently. The line says "Jesus is more than enough for me". It is true. Guranteed, you will always remain on the top of his list of priorities. No matter what else he is dealing with he always takes the time for you.

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