Friday, October 8, 2010

Tomorrow I Am Marrying An Incredible Woman

Good morning my friends. I hope you do not mind if I take a few days break from my blog. You see, tomorrow I am getting married and right now I am finding it hard to concentrate on anything more than remembering to breathe. It's not that I am nervous; more like a paralyzing excitement. There is a natural nervousness about all the little things left to do. There is a nervousness about forgetting to do something important. There is a nervousness about making it the best day possible for the woman who deserves for it to be just that;  the best day of her life. However, the overwhelming sense is that of excited anticipation of the beginning of something new and wonderful.

I am amazed at the incredible grace of our God, who continues to create beautiful things out of our ugliness. I am in awe of his ability to create holy and awesome things out of the common ashes of our lives. I love him even more deeply for this. If I could, I would give him a great big incredible hug right now for the way he has turned my life around and filled it with blessing after blessing. I have done nothing to deserve it. This is simply a result of his lavish love for me.

Tomorrow I am joining together with the most incredible woman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. People judge by packaging but my God has shown me that the packaging and appearance of people is superficial and for the immature. The real measure of the worth of a person is God's love for them. I am marrying a lady who has learned to not only receive that love but to live that love for the other objects of the Father's affection. Whether they be friend or foe, she loves them with a deep passion, accepting the pain that so often comes from love rejected. In many ways she understands the Father's heart, both highs and lows, more than I have been able to know over the years. In these last few months the Father has drawn out of her a maturity that is quickly surpassing the maturity of many old travelers on this road of faith. There are times it has sucked the breath from me as it caught me unaware and revealed my own lack in the face of similar situations. The Father is doing something incredible here.

None of us should think that we are a completed work. That would be a very big mistake on our part. Falling in love with Melodie-Joy has forced me to face many of my own imperfections and realize that I have a lot more of me to surrender. Several people have asked what I see in her; I see my salvation; I see my Father's hand; I see my Father's heart and his love for me; I see a mountain of grace; I see something that has been missing from my life; I see a vision of beauty far too inspiring to love me and yet she has chosen to do just that. I may be many things but I refuse to be a fool in this one thing. I am loved from a heart that has learned to love in the face of much ugliness; a heart that loves passionately from a depth many people refuse to encounter; a heart that has taken possession of me with its full embrace.

I am determined to return that love; to live in a way that will always honour and cherish that love. I will not turn to the right or to the left and I refuse to step back. My challenge is to understand and embrace this incredible woman, to learn from this love and to try to love her back with the same intensity. I am determined that she will never live a day of regret for making this decision to embrace me, my life and my calling. I am determined to see her walk in the full authority of her calling, to embrace her, her life and the path that God has set her feet upon. I am determined to love her with the love of Jesus.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new season ...

To God be the glory!

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PJ said...

Pastor Paul, Congratulations! May God be included in your marriage and rain His blessings down upon your union for the rest of your lives. In Jesus' Name I pray, AMEN

God Bless,