Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Understanding God

God is under contract with us. He must do what he said he will do. 
It’s a contract of his choosing. He did not have to make any promises to us but he decided to. He didn’t have to love us but he made that choice. With those choices came obligations.
Can you believe it? God has obligated himself to us.
It’s not because we are worth the effort. Come on now, we don’t have a faithful bone in our body. Give it half a day and we will have broken our part of the contract at least a dozen times. The contract is not dependent on our worthiness of it.
But here’s the thing: God made us worthy.
He declared we are worthy of his affection which means we are disrespecting him when we think of ourselves as worms deserving nothing from him. He said we deserve it because of the choices he made.
He is true to his word, his promises, his choices because of his unfailing love. Love cannot fail because God cannot fail. He will do what he promised because his character dictates that if he said it he will be true to it.
Yet, we do have a part to play here. God cannot dance with us if we refuse to dance. He can love us, promise things to us, be faithful in all he has said but if we refuse to accept it from him he will not force himself on is.
That’s another thing about our God: He is gentle.
He loves us. He will be faithful to his promises that he has given us. He will always pursue us. But he will never force us.
It comes down to this: If you choose to go it alone, to not believe God, to not take advantage of his promises, that is your choice and you will live with the consequences. God’s choice is to love and that love never fails.

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