Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Response To Kony 2012

Before we all go jumping on the "Kony 2012" band wagon there are a few things we should consider. We can get all self-righteous and upset by the atrocities of this man and his followers but we don't have to look very far from our own back yard to find similar situations. Mind you, what he and others like him are doing to children is sickening but so are some of the things we are doing.

- every time a man or woman clicks on a link to look at pornography they are exploiting another human being

- some of the products that we are purchasing at such cheap prices were produced by children in terrible working conditions and for "peanuts" a day; more exploitation

- what about those involved in the sex trade;  men in our communities, maybe a neighbour, using women like cattle; some of those women are no better than slaves. Why aren't we fighting for their freedom?

- what about our abuse of the mentally ill; those dear people we turn out onto the streets because we don't want to pay the bill for their care

- what about the elder abuse that is taking place daily in our own cities

- what about the millions of babies we have been killing through abortions, for selfish personal reasons

Should I continue? I realize that what Kony and men like him are doing is disgusting to us and we feel we need to do something about it, but this has been reported in our 6 pm news for years. Where was everyone then?

Yes, something must be done about these terrible actions but read the statistics about things in our own countries, that are being done under our noses, that are supported and encouraged by our actions to support our own comfort. You want social justice? Then let it start at home before we start preaching to another country to clean up their act.

And Church, what about you? Where are all your prayers? Are we not the ones who are suppose to be dealing with the heart of this evil by coming against it with our prayers? When is the last time you went to a prayer meeting? What does your personal prayer life look like? We may not be responsible for the evil in this world but we are responsible to use the authority we have been given by Jesus to keep it in check until the Church is called home. Come on people, let this be a wake up call to us all; get back on your knees and fight for a world overcome by evil.

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