Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Despite The Dangers, Will You Go?

One of the hardest things to do is tell someone about sin. We don't want to scare anyone away from Jesus but we don't want to hide it from anyone either. People need to know the truth. People who are lost in the black hole of sin need to know that these is a way out. Yet, when we talk to them about it, we know we are going to face accusations of judgement and being out of step with life.

It doesn't help either when part of the Church herself is falling into the deception of sin. Parts don't believe in hell any more even though Jesus spoke about it plainly enough. They believe we get to rewrite God's code of what is right and wrong. Of course they do, because the Bible said they would. There is nothing happening now that hasn't already been told would happen. If we read the Bible then we shouldn't be shocked by what is going on. Saddened, even appalled, yes, but never shocked as if we didn't see it coming.

The thing is that God does not give us a way out of our responsibility. His whole mission is to reconcile man to himself which means the sin issue needs to be dealt with. The incredible thing is that God has already dealt with it in what he did with Jesus on the cross. "Paid In Full" is what is written on the court documents but we have to accept that gift from God. Sadly too many turn away from that gift because they don't want to admit they were guilty in the first place, and if we dare try to explain, it is us they hate and not the sin that is destroying them.

Regardless, Jesus told us to go. And we read this warning:

"Brothers and sisters, if someone is caught in a sin, you who live by the Spirit should restore that person gently. But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted." Galatians 6:1)

There is a difference between those who are busy with the Lord's work and those who are busybodies. Too many people are more interested in seeing the train wreck than they are in rescuing the perishing. People are more interested in pointing fingers and judging than they are in being part of the solution to see salvation and restoration at work. Some people are just out to see people fail and they have no idea what the word grace means.

The reason we need to make sure we are right with the Lord before we get involved in the work of restoration is not so that we can be pious in our attitude but instead so we know what a humbled position we are in. Those who are rescued from this same sin must return to that place in order to tell others about how they were rescued. It's not because we are better or even know better but instead because we know the one who is best and who has overcome every barrier that keeps us from God. It's with hat in hand that we return to our scene of the crime to plead with those who are dying to choose life.

This is why it can be so hard, because we have to trust our God to protect us from what tempts us as we face these things again. Far worse than any danger who have from those we are trying to reach is the danger of the temptation itself. We do not dare go in our own strength or we will fail and rob God of his glory. We must go in the Spirit, clothed in Jesus through whom we can do all things. We don't have time to point fingers and call names. We are too busy doing our Master's bidding; too busy with this ministry of reconciliation as God calls every man, woman and child, regardless of their sins, back to him, the Father of all things.

If they come, we rejoice! If they turn their back, we continue to call out. Jesus Saves! He's the only one who can. Keep up the fight my friends and never give up. Christ's love compels us.

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