Friday, August 3, 2012

Reflections Of A Father

As I sit watching over my sleeping wife, waiting patiently for the impending birth of our precious daughter, my thoughts go back to the other births I have participated in. With each child I could not help but wonder who this person would be and who they would become. How had God knit them together? What gifts and calling were infused into the fabric of their being? How would God lead them? How would he bless them? Would they choose obedience or rebellion?

I also can't avoid the thoughts of my past mistakes. Am I doomed to repeat them or would I be a better parent to this new child because of them? Immediately my spirit rises up in praise for the grace he continues to pour out, covering my failings as a parent and reminding me of his promises for my children.

I want to be, I need to be, a better father than my past and with a submitted spirit to my King, I will be. Oh how wonderful the grace my King holds on to me and it provokes me to be more than I have ever been before.

As I watch over my slumbering wife, ready to bring new life into this desperate world, I am more aware than ever before how desperate I am for the strength and guidance of my, Lord. This may be my tenth child but I know through this child Jesus has many new lessons in store for me, and I am eager to learn.

So with an expectant and thankful heart, I bend me knee to my King and pledge to love this child, this new daughter, with the same love and grace he has shown me. And I am reminded again that this same grace and love is for each of my children, shown through my hands. Oh Lord, I was thinking to be so much than I am today.

I am indeed a man greatly blessed by my King. With such great blessings come great responsibilities so I renew myself in the Spirit to be the father he has called me to be. You my friends are a witness to the desire and pledge of my heart and I am determined to go to the end of it.

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