Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's Time To Put Equality In Its Place

There was an article in one of my city`s local papers that spoke a truth that many people want to deny. For decades women have fought for equal rights but a branch of them are not interested in equality, they want to be better. On the other end we have most men who don`t want any trouble and want to be politically correct. This article pointed out what the Church should have been teaching for years : It is not about equality because men and women are not equal in ability, but they are complimentary. Women are great at some things and men at others but when put together we make a whole. Maybe the difference is too subtle to see but it is an important difference.

God made it clear that the responsibility to lead was given to the male gender. Of course, our sinful nature took that and twisted it as it does with all good things God has called into being. However, it is also true that no man can lead properly unless his wife allows him. Yes, I said allow him. A wife can dominate her husband quite easily, and those who are married know exactly what I am talking about. Women, in disobedience to God, have all that is required to take over leadership from their husbands. It is never a question of ability and always a matter of obedience.

Women are strong, intelligent, determined, insightful, compassionate and very capable of doing anything they put their mind to. It has been that way since the beginning. Personally, considering that God made women last and gave her the ability to incubate life, I think she is his crowning glory in all of creation. But he did not intend for her to lead. It has nothing to do with being second class in the Kingdom because she is a compliment to her husband as her husband is to her. The greatest things are going to happen when a couple understand and walk in their God-appointed roles and work together instead of against each other. It is fantastic when it works; it is disastrous when it doesn`t.

Paul gave Timothy a warning about those who were teaching false things about God. Paul knew that if these men were able to capture the heart of the woman it would affect the whole family:

Some men fool whole families, just to get power over those women who are slaves of sin and are controlled by all sorts of desires. (2 Timothy 3:6)

I will tell you right now a truth that his been proven over the ages: women are the hearts of their family. They can be the worse mothers, make huge mistakes, anger their children but they will always have the hearts of their children. Forgiveness comes for a mother whether she asks for it or not. Sure, children get angry, daughters don`t talk to them for years as teenagers, but watch what happens when the hormones come back into place. I am telling you, no matter what, we love our moms. If dads make those same mistakes, look out, they`ll still be hearing about it in 40 years from now.

Why do you think the Church is filled with more women than men? I think in many ways women have a deeper understanding of God's heart. Father's love their children, work hard to give them a better life, would lay down their lives for them and cherish them dearly, but we have never had the physical bond of a mother with them.There is something to it that only God and women really understand. I marvel at it and sometimes I am envious of it, but it doesn't rob me of my responsibility to lead. I have a wife that makes sure of that, who speaks to me with great insights of how I should approach the children and how best to deal with some difficult situations, especially with my girls. She makes me a better leader and is obedient to God by allowing me to lead. But if she wanted to, she could destroy with a word.

If sin grips the heart of the woman, if she embraces false teaching and allows others to lead her astray, then the whole family is in trouble. That is my place to protect my wife, to lead, to make sure we stay in step together with the Spirit, to insure that our lives are based solidly on the Word of God. I am responsible to keep a guard over my house so that no thieves sneak in and steal away what belongs to God. I need to know and understand the desires of my wife's heart so that I can help guide in God's holiness and righteousness. There is nothing so powerful as a woman with a righteous heart and there is nothing so destructive as a woman possessed by evil desires.

The Spirit gave Paul an interesting insight as he added:

These women always want to learn something new, but they never can discover the truth. (v. 7)

Just because someone wants to learn doesn't mean they can. A life of disobedience does not allow for applied insight. The Word of God is not some great academic book to receive certificates of learning for studying it. It is not filled with theories to discuss with friends. It is not a book of philosophy to be picked apart. It is the revelation of God, about God and what he has done for us. It is something that provokes us into action. The only way to truly understand it is to have the Holy Spirit write it on your heart and to live it. Disobedience is a roadblock in this process.

So let's throw the world's definition of equality out the window along with the other philosophies of this place and let's start living the Word of God. Men and women are complimentary and we must be obedient to our roles. Maybe we are uncomfortable with them but sometimes we must do things that make us uncomfortable at first. Husband and wives were but together as a team and as a team they must walk together. When they do, great things are going to happen for the glory of God.

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