Monday, May 13, 2013

In The Face Of Discouragement, Dance

Discouragement comes in many different forms and for many different reasons. It can come due to finances, relationships, lost opportunities, unrealized dreams. It can result in depression, lose of sleep, irritability, lack of energy, quitting, lost focus, self-centered thinking. Discouragement can be a destroyer of worlds if we allow it to be.

Discouragement has many different triggers but we have a choice in it. We can't stop it from knocking on the door but we can decide not to invite it in. Just because it comes looking through the window does not mean we have to allow it to take up residence. Discouragement will come but we have the power over what to do with it when it does.

Discouragement will take up residence and set about in it's destructive nature when we decide to dwell on circumstances instead of faith. Because of Jesus we do not believe "what you see is what you get". Our life, hope and the actions we take are based on the promises of Jesus, our Lord and King. When we realize these promises and place our hope in them instead of the strength of man, the door becomes locked against discouragement. There may be a knock on the door but we are too busy praising our God to answer.

That is the only real and proper response to discouragement: praise. We know this as a fact because the Word tells us and we have already experienced it for ourselves:

Why am I discouraged?
Why am I restless?
    I trust you!
And I will praise you again
    because you help me,
    and you are my God. (Psalm 42:11, CEV)

It is a decision, a conscience act of faith, to turn our back on the facts of this world and say to Jesus, "I trust you". It is when we decide to turn away from the welcoming darkness of discouragement and fill our soul with the sweet praise of Jesus. It is when we choose to remember his goodness, what he has done and what he has promised to do. It is when we decide to dance instead of sit down. It is when we decide to laugh instead of cry. It is when we decide to press on instead of lie down and sleep.

Discouragement and depression are soul destroyers but Jesus is the lover of our soul. You are a child of God and have no part in discouragement. Nothing can separate you from the love of Jesus. Nothing can stop you from dwelling in him. He has given you peace and joy that no one and no thing can take from you. It is all a matter of choice and decision. Who will you choose to trust? Who will you decide to serve? Who will receive your praise today? For the sake of your peace let your choice be Jesus.

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