Thursday, October 10, 2013

1 Timothy 1: A Shout Out To The Apostles and Prophets Of This Age

Don't be surprised if there is a great shaking in the Church in the months to follow. I cannot imagine the Lord leaving us in the state we are in. I love the Bride and will defend her to my dying breath but we must also judge ourselves in this matter: we are getting it wrong. There is nothing we can do to correct our situation except humble ourselves and allow the Spirit to bring in correct.

What is wrong?

Consider apostle Paul's words to Timothy, the revelation he had received about his place in the Kingdom:

“Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.” This saying is true, and it can be trusted. I was the worst sinner of all! But since I was worse than anyone else, God had mercy on me and let me be an example of the endless patience of Christ Jesus. He did this so that others would put their faith in Christ and have eternal life. (1 Timothy 1:15-16)

Paul understood that he was a trophy of grace. Jesus was not interested in using Paul's intellect or great talents; he desired to use Paul as an example. Paul knew he was the worst of the worse. He had attacked the Church, the Bride. In doing so he had attacked Jesus. He was the cause of a great persecution which resulted in the death and jailing of believers. But Paul had come to understand that he was called to proclaim the gospel of grace, not because of his great intellect or skills but because of who he had been and what God had done.

There are not too many places that would accept Paul today because we have lost the importance of God's grace and anointing. We still judge by the flesh. There are not a lot of people that would accept an uneducated fisherman like Peter over their churches because he has no letters behind his name. What a foolish Church we have become, rejecting the anointed in favour of the educated. Even worse, we take the anointed and educate it out of them.

I consider my apostle a "Peter". He is extremely rough around the edges, educated in the Spirit and only a few course in man. He drives me crazy at times but he is almost always spot on because of the anointing of God. One thing about this man is for sure, the anointing cannot be denied. Yet he is rejected in the "acceptable"Christian circles because they look to his past, they look to his education, they look to the rough edges, and over-look the anointing and his authority as an apostle. Crazy. Stupid. To deny the blessings of the Lord because we can't look past the flesh. And there are many more like him,being denied their rightful place because of man-made standards.

There is a great shaking that is coming, to knock down what belongs to man, and to raise up what is of God. It will be a hard thing but a good thing. Do not mourn but rejoice that the Head is bringing correction to the Body so the glory of the Father will again be revealed to all who have a heart to see it. May the apostles and prophets take their strength in the Lord and be brave enough to take their place despite the plans of the enemy. And in the authority of Jesus we come against those plans and call to the apostles and prophets to rise up in the anointing Jesus has given them.

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