Thursday, December 19, 2013

At One Time Christmas Wasn't A Big Deal In The Church

People are getting upset about Christmas. It is a two month long celebration of consumerism. Yet Easter, the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, is a sedate one weekend event. Up until 150 years ago Christmas was not prominent in the Church calendar. When consumerism kicked in it was shaped and blown up, way out proportion, and had little to do with the Christian celebration.

Don't get me wrong, the introduction of our Creator into our history is no small thing. But consider for a moment which Christmas we celebrate.

Where do we find a Christmas tree in the Bible?

Where do we have an example of a gift exchange?

Where do the lights fit in?

What does Saint Nick have to do with it? I don't remember him at the manger.

This is not the celebration of Jesus but the traditions of man. And for this we are going to go to war with the world?

Christmas has become a crazy thing that people go into debt over. The gifts are no longer a token of affection but a societal obligation. People skip out of worship services and with-hold their tithe because of Christmas, the financial burden and the pressure of time. Is it worth it?

Do we think we are honouring God with this?

I think we have greater battles than Christmas to stand our ground on. Many of us need to do an evaluation to decide whether we are fighting for traditions or for souls.

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