Monday, March 3, 2014

Why Do We Pray?

We all nod in agreement whenever someone states that we need time with Jesus every day. But that is a misleading statement because we are always with Jesus; he is in us and we are in him. What we are mindlessly agreeing to is the notion we need time alone in our prayer closet; time to worship, time to pray, time to receive instruction in the Word. We need quality time with the Lover of our soul.

Yes, we nod in agreement but most of us fail in it because we fail to understand the importance of its purpose. I was reminded of that importance today. I was reminded while washing dishes. Yes, strange, but I am a strange person and the Lord often speaks to me in strange ways and in strange places.

As I was finishing up the dishes for the second time today, listening to some new worship songs and allowing my heart's desire to be expressed to my Lord, I stopped to survey the kitchen. I concluded everything was done, in its place and it was looking good. The floor was swept, counters cleaned, dishes washed and put away. Not bad. And the the thought, "At least until the next meal". We all know and agree that there is no end to keeping our homes clean and in good running order.

"Exactly", was the thought that penetrated my contentment.

Exactly what, I thought. "Exactly how relationships work. Exactly how you grow in me."

In a flash, like the Holy Spirit does it, I understood the Lord's point. Prayer was putting everything into it's proper place. Prayer is submitting ourselves to the Spirit so he can put all our priorities right, to correct perspectives, to encourage us in the truth, to work out all the rough spots, to bathe us in love, mercy and grace. Prayer is necessary for the well being and growth of our relationship with Jesus. It is the maintaining his power in our lives to walk in obedience, truth and power. Without prayer our lives would end up in a complete mess with nothing being taken care of, with no correction and us putting things wherever we think is best.

Most of us know what our kitchen looks like after one meal and it bugs us too much to leave it even for an hour. Yet, we think nothing of setting aside prayer. We think nothing of letting the mess pile up in our lives. We think nothing of it because we don't understand our relationship and the importance of rich fellowship with Jesus in prayer and worship. Listening to worship is not enough. We must worship with all our heart and enter into prayer with that same attitude.

If only we would pray. We would see a lot of things change. We would discover the miracle of a refreshed heart each and every time. We don't wash the dishes when we feel like it; we wash them because they need to be washed. Don't pray when you feel like it; pray because you know you need it.

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