Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sitting In A Desert

I miss blogging.

As Solomon noted, there is a season for everything. After blogging through various platforms for nearly 15 years, I find myself in a season of quiet. It is a disturbing season. It is one that may lead a person to enter dry and lonely places.

Many people do not realize that those of us who blog do so for our own benefit. It focuses our thoughts, our ideas, opinions and provides a solid form to our living. Imagine our thoughts as wisps of smoke that quickly dissipate. Blogging gives form to those wisps allowing them to become part of us.

There are several tools needed for a Christian blogger. First, a wonderfully dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. Everything in us and around us must be seen for his glory, purpose and mission. We desire to express in a way that brings him maximum glory and reveal him to our readers.

Second, a consistent feeding from the Word of God. This is the one thing that brings definition to our life and shapes our perception of the world so we see as our Father sees. Everything we write comes from this perspective.

Third, we need a burning desire to express the truth of God in relationship with our environment and life. There is something in us that must put into words what we are experiencing, how it applies, how it impacts the world around us.

Fourth, we need a medium to convey these things to people who are interested. Does a falling tree make any noise in the forest if there is no one there to hear it? Does a writer really write if there is no one there to read it? We can be very thankful that the internet has not gone completely  visual and does still allow for a writer's community.

But, alas, there is a fifth requirement for a Christian blogger that I am sadly lacking; a computer. I can possess the first four with great enthusiasm but will not get very far without the fifth. It is like a key that unlocks the door to the four treasures hidden within. I am thankful for the loan of this computer today, allowing me to express myself, like a tall glass of cool water on a hot summer day, but it is all too brief. Even now there are hands waiting to whisk it away.

So here I sit in the desert, knowing that my God takes me through seasons, for his purpose and my benefit. I am missing you my friends.

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