Monday, April 27, 2009

Enjoying The Real Thing.

The students had to blog on this video today: click here.

So often we allow our expectations of what Jesus wants in the form of a relationship to bring about changes in us that are not God honouring. There is nothing wrong with many of the activities we engage in but more the attitude we have. So many people give up activities and things they enjoy in order to meet a false expectation.

To quote Randy Jackson, "Just keeping it real, dog." That is the expectation Jesus has with us. If we are angry express it to him. He wants to hear about our disappointments. He certainly wants to deal with our questions. He wants to engage us in life. Include him in the joys and disappointments in life. He wants us to be real with him.

If we enjoyed this level of relationship with him then we may understand just how much he loves us. His forgiveness would be that much more real to us. Prayer would not be so hard. Jesus would be as real to us as we are to him. The cross is the beginning. It is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Its the real thing.

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