Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Red Balloon

This blog is because my students requested it of me. The challenge was to blog on the video at this link : click here . Considering that I believe in absolute truth I will chose to blog on the technique of the video.

I found the video effective in the purpose which was to get people to dialogue on the place of absolute truth. Because it was done in the form of an allegory it allows us to consider this subject from a fresh point of view. The fact that it was done in such a simple form with very little to distract our eye it forced us to consider the balloon and the dialogue.

What I found excellent was their method of drawing our attention to the truth of the video, that it was a video. By stepping out of frame and causing the camera to follow the actress to the "behind the scenes" we were being shown the truth of what they were doing. They were making a video.

The simplicity of the dialogue, of the action, of the background and of the music allowed us to focus on the message. This reminds me of some of the best photos we will see, those that present a simple message and that uses everything in the photo to draw our eye to the message or focal point.

In conclusion I find this an effective and powerful video that evokes discussion of a subject that is pivotal to our understanding of our lives and the world around us. OneTimeBlind should be celebrated for their creativity in bringing important messages to a world that longing to hear.

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