Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jesus died! So now what?

Good Saturday morning my friends. I do not know what it is like where you are but the weather here is incredible. We are shattering all kinds of temperature records as we enjoy a summer-like day in early Spring. It is opposite to an Easter weekend I remember from 9 years ago when we received 40 cm of snow. I am sure most of you will take great advantage of today, going for walks, washing cars, dusting off the bikes, opening windows, resting on the side of a hill soaking up the sun. During this Easter celebration Saturday seems to be the lull in all the events.

As we study the events of the crucifixion and resurrection we may find that nothing much is mentioned about Saturday. In fact, nothing at all is mentioned about Saturday. Jesus is dead. His body lay in a tomb, resting, which is appropriate for the Sabbath day. After all, it was on the Sabbath day that God created rest and it is the day that he said to set aside as a holy day to honour him. So here everything stops. It is almost as if all of heaven were holding holding their breath in anticipation of what was to come next.

It was a day of vigil, of meditation and reflection. It was a day of standing guard as the soldiers stood at the mouth of the tomb trying to figure out what they were doing there. It was a day of fear and hiding as the disciples and others holed up in a locked room afraid to venture out in case they were the next to be arrested and killed. It was a day of reality and disillusionment, disappointment even, as thousands of followers faced the death of the one who had given them hope.

What will it be for us? We already know how it ends. Is today just another Saturday where we will run around doing our choirs or out in some kind of activity enjoying the day? Will it really just be another Saturday? Or will you take some time and reflect on the fact that Jesus' body lay dead in a tomb on this day? Will you take the time and reflect on what he experienced and faced for us? The instrument of creation was dead and all of heaven held their breath.

Do not let this day slip by without gaining a sense of anticipation for tomorrow. Something fantastic happened tomorrow. Something that changed the destiny of mankind. Something that had never been seen before because it was a new thing, a new creation brought forth by the instrument of creation himself. So do not allow today to be recorded in your life as just another Saturday. Take the time to think about what we are celebrating this weekend and gain some anticipation for tomorrow's celebrations as Christians gather around the world to announce "He is risen"!

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