Saturday, February 4, 2012

Improving Our Memory With Praise

We are a people of such short memories. It must frustrate our generous Father. Today we could have a huge problem, perhaps we don't have money for food, so we cry out to God. We are downcast, frightened, feeling alone and our cry to God is deep and meaningful. That day there is a miracle, God provides and we are amazed by his love. We praise him, tell people all about it and are satisfied in our relationship with the Lord. Then the next day something equally frightening happens and we find ourselves back to being downcast, frightened and feeling alone. We have already forgotten what God did for us yesterday. We have such short memories.

It is important that we remember, that we carry forward the things that God has done so we don't forget, so we remember every time we face hardships that he is our Father who provides. The psalmist tells us a way of doing this is to constantly testify about his goodness. Is that not our purpose here, to glorify our God to the nations:

Give praise to the LORD, proclaim his name;    make known among the nations what he has done. (Psalm 105:1)

Praise and worship every day needs to be part of our relationship with God; to lift up our voice in praise for who he is and for what he has done. When we bring back to our memory the great things God has done for us in the past it will strengthen our resolve in the present and will chase away our fears of the future. But don't keep it to yourself, tell others, especially unbelivers, that they will look to you and see the mighty hand of God at work:

Sing to him, sing praise to him;    tell of all his wonderful acts. (v. 2)

The greatest way to keep worry and fear away from your heart and mind is to keep your heart and mind occupied with God. Praise and worship is not just about honouring God, it is also when we remind and encourage ourselves with just how great our God is. Worship keep the relationship fresh and alive. It gives a life of rejoicing in place of a life of anxiety:

Glory in his holy name;    let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice. (v. 3)

Don't go from crisis to crisis with Jesus. Choose to go from glory to glory. Don't treat him like a genie that you pull out of the bottle to get you out of terrible situations. Let him be your everything every day. When is the best time to seek the Lord? Today and every day hereafter:

Look to the LORD and his strength;    seek his face always. (v. 4)

Invite him to be part of every moment of every day and you will soon discover that there is nothing in this world that can overwhelm you and his joy will carry you through everything. Then you will be a true witness of his great love and glory; the nations will look in and desire to know our God. May he receive all our praise and thanksgiving today as we increase our memory of the great things he has done.

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