Thursday, October 11, 2012

Live In The "more" Of Your Life

If there is a common theme that runs through my blogs it is : We are so much more than this! There is so much more to you than what is staring back at you from the mirror. You are more than your job, your school marks, your looks, your fashion, your family, your friends, your mistakes. You are more because of Jesus and because of the Holy Spirit in you. You are more and you need to start operating in the "more" to be an effective warrior for Jesus.

When you pray things happen. You may not feel any different; you may feel nothing at all. But being Jesus' warrior is not about feelings; it's about faith. It's a knowing. When I pray I know things are happening. When I pray I know the Spirit of God has gone into action. When I pray I know things are changing in people's lives. I don't feel it; I know it.

It's called faith and it is part of the "more" of our living. It is the faith that Jesus constantly spoke about and pondered if he would find any in the world on his return. It is the faith that takes Jesus at his word and doesn't allow anyone to water down our expectations of things happening when we pray. You don't have to work yourself up to it; it just is. We pray in the authority of Jesus. We believe in his authority. We live by faith in that same authority.

This is what it is to step out from the crowd and walk by faith. It is what it is to do works of service. Works of service go beyond the cup of cold water and delves into the supernatural. You won't feel supernatural. You will feel like you but when you pray things will begin to happen. Situations will change. Circumstances will change. Lives will change. You will change.

It is as we operate in the "more" that the Church is built up. It is not built up by our wonderful daycare programs and school lunch programs. It is built up as we allow the Spirit to change this world through us, as lives are mended, health restored, strength is lent, marriages repaired, the blind see and hearts are stirred in the "more" of our living. We are agents of change, power, hope, love, miracles; of "more".

Whatever circumstances and heartaches you find yourself in, there is more to your life. Whatever loneliness and depression wage ware against your mind and heart, there is more to your life. However this world has beaten and misshapened you, there is more to your life. Those things do not belong to you and are not part of you. You are so much higher than all those things, so much greater than the sum of them. You were intended for the attaining of the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. Not a portion but the whole thing. You are a powerful agent of change because of the Jesus in you and it is time to throw aside anything that says different.

So get up my friend, step out, be what God has rebirthed you to be. You may not feel it but Jesus is moving through you. You may not feel it but the power of God is moving out from you and effecting change all around you. You may not feel it but your prayers cause the enemy to tremble in his place. Demons flee because of you, when you decide to live in the "more" of your life; when you live by the faith that has been given to you; when you are willing to be the supernatural creature that you are; when you are willing to attain to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. Live by faith my friend, not by sight!

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