Thursday, January 3, 2013

No Ordinary Day; No Ordinary Person; No Ordinary God

This is no ordinary day. You are no ordinary person. Jesus is no ordinary God. Do you believe that? If you do then you are part way to an extraordinary life. Only part way because knowing it and acting upon it are two different things. But let us at least start at this point: You are no ordinary person.

What makes you extraordinary? In a word: Jesus.

For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and you have been given fullness in Christ, who is the head over every power and authority. (Colossians 2:9-10)

Don't read it too quickly. Savour the words on your spiritual palate for a moment. The fullness of God is found in bodily form in Jesus. Sounds obvious, right? Jesus is exactly who he said he is, no surprises there. But consider the implications of this. The fullness of God is in Jesus "and you have been given fullness in Christ". You are in Jesus and Jesus in you which means the fullness of God lives in you. Pretty amazing stuff.

Now, just in case you missed this point, it means Jesus is the head over every power and authority. You are so much more than you can possibly understand at this moment. You are the most beautiful and powerful creature on this planet because of the fullness of God in you. But this is the sad point: We don't know it and we don't act on it.

We somehow got this notion in our head that we have to ask God to do everything. We pray about everything and then wait. We fail to understand that we are prayer in action; we are God's authority in action; we are to act on this fullness of God in us. Jesus has sent us out in his authority. We can't do anything through our own strength and ability that will be of any eternal worth but we can do all things through him who gives us strength. Jesus didn't tell us to pray to have the mountain moved; he told us to speak to that mountain and it will leap into the sea. You are a mountain mover. You are a demon caster outer. You are a powerful preacher/teacher. You are a mighty healer. You are an abundant giver. You are an affectionate friend, to your enemy. You are all these and so much more because of Jesus in you.

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility. You are accountable. You are accountable to walk closely with Jesus and follow his directions. You are not a solitary soldier doing his own thing. You are a warrior among warriors, a member of a mighty army that has been set upon this earth in a great rescue effort, to know and do the will of Jesus. You are under constant attack by subtle agents of the enemy who's desire is nothing less than the wanton destruction of all of God's creation. You are the warrior who stands his ground, takes watch over the blind and speaks truth to a dying world, fighting for the lives of the enemy of God, who he loves.

And nothing can stop you!

Now imagine if we all woke up today realizing that this is no ordinary day, that we are no ordinary people and Jesus is no ordinary God. Imagine what this day would look like around this planet. Although we respect the authorities in this world, we answer to the one who is over them. Although the natural and spiritual worlds have authorities, we are the agents, the warriors of the one who is over all powers and authorities. That is the point with which most people struggle. We speak to the mountain and it must leap according to the authority of Jesus. His authority is in us and we speak in that authority. Understand what that means. Read Jesus' words carefully. Accept who you are in him. And act on it! 


Marcus Ampe said...

Yes I do believe Jesus is not an ordinary God. He may perhaps be a god like there are still many gods today, but he is the son of god, and not God Himself. Jesus is a man of flesh and blood, who proofed that he could keep to the commandments of the divine Creator. Jesus gave his body to his Father as a ransom for all. God can not die but Jesus really did. Afterwards he was resurrected by his Father and taken with Him to sit at His right hand to be a mediator between God and man.
so yes Jesus is a more interesting god than Madonna, Maradonna or any other present and older god, but there is only One God Almighty El Shaddai, Elohim whose name is Holy and is Jehovah, not Jesus as so many Christians wrongly take.

Marcus Ampe said...

Jesus is the one lord to follow, and he has paved the way to his Father. We should recognise what Jesus has done for us and be pleased that he has given his life for us and wants to be the mediator between God and man.
We also should become like Christ, which would not make us God, like Jesus is not God, but in him we can become the shining of God and the light to others. Like you say we can become warriors for the Most High, but fighting with love against the enemies of God.