Saturday, January 4, 2014

Spiritual Corruption

It doesn't happen all at once, you know. It is more like a slow dripping, a slow eroding, a slow change given time and influence. Corruption seldom comes upon us like a landslide but more like the slow, constant methodical pounding of the waves on the shore line. The erosion is only seen over a long period of time.

Spiritual corruption is no different. It seldom comes upon us all at once, but is the slow eroding of the boundaries that mark our faith. The pounding waves are all around us. The tools of erosion are in our life every day. We hear the same words again and again. We see the same images again and again. We hear the same arguments again and again.

At first we are strong. At first we say no. But slowly we let our guard down. Slowly our attention is taken away from Jesus. Slowly we start allowing images, words, arguments in. They present themselves in literature, movies, songs, television shows. It is re-enforced by friends and sometimes family. With time we start letting go of the absolutes, start diluting what we believe, start making compromises. In time those consistent waves change the coastline of our faith and we hardly notice.

There is no huge frontal attack on our faith; the enemy knows better than that approach. He is in this for the long haul, he will take the time and slowly work on us until he has worn us down. The problem is, many people have been aware, have seen it coming, have warned us, but we did not have enough courage to admit the truth. The fact is we enjoy some of the tools the enemy uses, we like watching the waves, listening to the rhythm. They become more important than most things in our life.

I pray the Holy Spirit is successful in waking us up so we can see the danger before it is too late. I pray he is successful in creating an awakening before too many are lost. We are daydreaming our way to hell, enjoying the diversions and not seeing the trap. Come Holy Spirit, we need you. Come sweet Spirit we pray. Come in your strength and your power. Come in your own special way. Wake us up Lord. Convict us of our sin. Call us to you. Give us a desire to seek your face. We need you!

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