Tuesday, May 20, 2014

We Possess The Answer To The Brokenness

Let's strip it all down. Let's get rid of the stuff that is distracting us. Let's bring it back to what is the fundamentals about the Kingdom. Ready? Love Yahweh with everything you have to love him. Love him enough to obey him. Love him enough to want to tell everyone about him. Love him enough to love everyone he loves, who is everyone. Love him enough to spend your life bringing people to the Son. Simple. But how do you do it when you are dysfunctional?

Yah, that's right, we are all dysfunctional. There's a group of people who celebrate their dysfunction and others who try to ignore it and others who try to hide it but the fact is we are all damaged goods. Sin has damaged us. But Jesus is all about healing damaged goods. Then he uses those recovering people to reach out to others who need the same healing because we all need it. It doesn't matter how strange you are or how you see yourself or the world, it only matters how Father sees it and he sees you healed in it. So how do those who are recovering from brokenness possibly find the ability to be used by such an incredible Father?


It isn't about you or your intelligence or your talents. It's about Jesus. It's about the Spirit. Jesus does the Father's will through you by the Holy Spirit. He has empowered you, beyond any ability you have, to be who he needs you to be. We make it all about us but Jesus makes it all about the people who need him. You may say, "I need him". Listen carefully: You already have him. Give it up. Stop being selfish. Start seeing what Jesus sees and what he sees is a whole bunch of broken people who need to hear what you know and what has healed you. They need healing and Jesus wants to do it through you. How?

By The Spirit!

Once again it comes down to you asking. Do you want to be used by Jesus? Do you want to fulfill your destiny? Then let the resurrection power flow through you by the Holy Spirit. If you have not allowed the Spirit to have full authority through you, if you have not experienced this power, then ask:

If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him! (Luke 11:13)

You see, the Holy Spirit is the best thing Jesus has given to us since the cross and empty grave. He has given us the power, the ability, his presence to live his glory in the world so that people would see and believe. People are asking for proof because we haven't been living our destiny, because we are not the people he has intended us to be, giants of healing in a land of brokenness. If he didn't want us to have it he wouldn't have told us to ask for it. So why aren't we asking?

We aren't asking because we are prejudiced in our thinking, understanding, and expectations. We are comfortable in our ignorance and selfishness. Nuts! That's what I have to say, nuts to that. We have a world dying from it's brokenness and we are sitting comfortably in our selfishness with the healing for that brokenness. Shame on us. Shame!

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