Sunday, May 11, 2014

Why Mother's Day?

What can we say about our moms that has not already been expressed by thousands of loving men and women throughout the ages? They are the most incredible creature in all of creation. A mother who guards Jesus as the center of her being is worth far more than any other precious thing in the system of man. A superhero to her children that no father could every hold a candle to in the eyes of her children.

I am not saying that dad's have no place. Hardly. Dad's have a different and vital role throughout the life of the children but moms hold a special place in our hearts. They aren't superhuman. They are full of sins and faults just like the rest of us. They need salvation just like the worst of sinners but even the worst mom will always be honoured by her children, if for no other reason than the fact she sacrificed herself to be their vessel of life. Life comes from Yahweh but our moms were the bearers of such blessings.

Moms are faithful to their children. They believe the best of them even in the worst stages of their life. They stand with them, protecting, defending, pushing them on to greatness. It is because of their protective nature that dads sometimes need to step in to give the child some breathing space and to allow them to take risks, but moms are always there with the first-aide kit.

Moms are teachers. The are patient and kind, instructing in all things. They teach manners, hygiene, good habits. They teach us to care, share, and to be kind. The teach us to read, to cook, to take care of ourselves and the environment in which we live (clean your room). Most importantly they teach us all things about Jesus in both words and deeds. They teach us what it is to trust Jesus in the best and worst of times. They teach us what it is to serve others by serving us.

Moms are women of influence. Every great man and woman in history and in our current age, had a mom who influenced them on to greatness. Even beyond our formative years our mothers lend us wisdom and courage, giving advice, even when it is not always sought. And we love them for it.

Moms are not superheroes but they are to us. We know they are not perfect. We know that they didn't always get it right. We know that they are human just like the rest of us and there were moments of discouragement, selfishness and wrong decisions. But we know their hearts. We know their love. We know their desire. We know they got it right more often than not. We know that they learned from experience and got better at it with time. We love them because they never gave up, they pressed on, and they loved us even when they weren't sure if they were doing it right. And you know, they were doing it right.

We honour our moms, every mom, everywhere because no matter where they live and what culture they are from, they are Yahweh's gift to the children. We praise the Lord today for our moms, in all their victories and defeats, in all their virtues and mistakes, in all their perfection and imperfection, simply because they are our moms. And we love them.

Happy Mother's Day mom.

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