Monday, June 2, 2014

I Am Afraid And Anxious. How Can I Have Peace?

It is crazy how we walk through our day as if we are clueless about the incredible spiritual realm all around us when we have a direct view of it through God's Word. We are not normal so why do we act normal? Why do we act as if the natural laws of this world apply to us? Do we not realize that Father wants to glorify himself through us so the world will see him and know him? This means that we need to learn to live by the laws of the Kingdom. Let's pick a simple example.

It is a disservice to Jesus for us to be worried and filled with anxiety about anything. In fact, it reveals either our ignorance of the Word or our unwillingness to apply it. Yes, it is not good enough to know the Word, you actually have to do the Word, live it, put it into action. Let's pick our example here from Philippians 4:6-7:

"Do not be anxious about anything..."

There you go, a direct command that we are not to have anything to do with anxiousness. You tell me that is impossible because anxiousness is a natural reaction to our environment. And I remind you again that we are not governed by the natural laws of this world but by the laws of the Kingdom, as we are in relationship with the King. So how is it possible for us not to be anxious because of our environment?

"Do not be anxious about anything...
"but in everything..." 
"by prayer and petition..." 
"with thanksgiving..." 
"present your requests to God."

I broke it down there so that you can see we are given specific instructions on how to walk with Jesus as invincible super heroes in this world. "In everything"; doesn't matter what the circumstances are, does not matter your situation, doesn't matter how big or small it is, it doesn't matter if it looks impossible to you, you are to present your requests to God.

How do you present the requests? Sack clothe and ashes? Cutting yourself? Laying in bed for days? Laying on your face on the floor for days? No. It is by prayer and petition. You don't have to do anything to earn Yahweh's favour, you already have it. You accepted the sacrifice of the Son and are part of the family. He enjoys responding to your needs. It is not a burden to him.

Take note though that it is with an attitude of thanksgiving. No long faces. No great tears. No expressions of "IF". We are to come before him remembering everything that he has already done for us. We come to him with praises of thanksgiving because we are thankful for his love, presence and his desire to help us. We come with an attitude of joy that happens in a relationship of trust. We don't come expressing doubt of his favour but with thankful joy for his assurances.

Then something incredible happens, something that cannot be understood by hearts governed by the laws of this world. If you are trying to live by those rules you will not understand it or perceive it but those of us who walk in the Lord, trusting and obeying, can testify to the truth of the matter.

"And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus."

Notice this doesn't take place when we simply sit back and play the part of the victim. We are not a victim when we are citizens of the Kingdom. Father uses everything for our good, to benefit us, to mature us and bring us closer to him. When we bring everything to Jesus in prayer, he gives us a peace that does not make sense in the natural but that's because it is supernatural peace. It is this peace that guards us, preserves our hearts and minds as we live in Jesus.

It's all as simple as that, if we choose for it to be that simple. Or we can make it as complicated and horrible as we want. All of this and so much more is ours if we would simply trust Jesus, learn the Word and apply it to our living. Why would anyone choose not too? The answers are all there, just apply them.

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