Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Why Seek Blessings?

Why do we seek blessings from the Lord? Why do we ask him for a good day, or the strength to make it through? Why do we seek his grace and run to him when we are in trouble? Some would say the answer is obvious: Because we need his help. Yes, but I am asking, what is the underlying motivation? Is it so that we will have a comfortable life or so we don't have to face the harshness of some situations? Is it for our benefit?

Is that what life is about for us, to be comfortable? Is our life to be spent on ourselves, our needs, our desires, our comforts? Are our prayers about us? Are the blessings about us? It is amazing how quickly we can change the selfless instructions of Jesus to be about focusing on us. If I had to summarize the gospel in a few words, I read that we die to ourselves when we accept Jesus, that we live through him, and our purpose is now the Father's will, and his will is that everyone would be saved. Can we say that we live our life with the purpose of seeing the lost saved, or are we living for ourselves and our family?

The psalmist of Psalm 67 sought the blessings of the Lord but let's consider his motivation:

Let God grant us grace and bless us;
    let God make his face shine on us,

so that your way becomes known on earth,
    so that your salvation becomes known among all the nations. (Psalm 67:1-2)

"Lord bless us so that ..." It is a really important "so that". It explains the motivation and I am amazed that this writer understood our purpose better than us.

So that ... your way becomes known on earth. Oh Lord, let your blessings flow through us so that the world would know you, see you, marvel at you. Let us not dam up the blessings by being selfish but may we be a conduit for everyone around us.

So that ... your salvation becomes known among all nations. Oh Lord, let your blessings flow through us so others would be convinced of your love, mercy, compassion and grace. May your blessings in me be a sign post to your salvation.

Mercy, grace, compassion, forgiveness has been given freely to us and we in turn are to freely give it out. It did not cost us. I like how Jesus said it:

You received without having to pay. Therefore, give without demanding payment. (Matthew 10:8)

Let us seek the Lord's blessings understanding their purpose and may he shine brightly in all that we do and in all the blessings we receive.

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