Thursday, May 29, 2008

An Incredible Relationship

Good morning students,

Yesterday's blog was a bit of a challenge for some of you. Some of you made a valiant effort and did well; others did not even try. "I do not know what to write" is not a valid response. What that says to me is "I do not see the value of this exercise so I am not going to bother to try". All of you left off the part about how the lesson from yesterday is applied in your life. We are going to repeat the exercise to give you another opportunity.

We often talk about the Lord being our strength. We encourage people to seek God for answers. When people have faced sorrow and disaster we comfort them with the truth that Jesus is with them. Yet, what does all this mean? How do you visualize it? What is our condition in comparison with God's greatness?

Read Psalm 27 to see what David considered concerning his relationship with God:

Psalm 27

Now watch this video and answer the questions that follow:


  • How does this video depict our relationship with God?
  • How do you think we must look like to Jesus? Why would we look like this to him?
  • Describe how this impacts the way you see your relationship with Jesus now?
  • How do you understand this verse different now?

Mystery verse

May the Lord's activity in your life be clear to you today! May he prove to be your strength.



Brandon said...

I think that our relationship with God is strong. God is strong and will push us to the end. And we can do whatever with a relationship like that. We should look like him because others will see how we help them. They will know that Jesus is better. I think Jesus Has been helping push everyone to finish their school yearand the reason people are not finishing is because they dont want to or they're not trying. I think David was saying that he can overcome his enemey with God. Because God was helping him.

Noah said...

well we are weak compare to god so we rely on him for everything. To God we must look like a child that doesn't know anything. Are relationship with Jesus is a depending one. I still understand the verse like before in that we are dependent upon Jesus to do great things.

Kendall said...

I think that THE video is depicting that no matter what the cost or how far the destination is God will carry us or take us through it all no matter what. I think Jesus sees us like the crippled man in the video and the man that is taking him through the destination is God. This is because without God we can do nothing. I think this impacts me a lot because to know that we are just like a crippled man in the sight og God lets me know that without him we can do nothing and he is our everything.

Naomi S. said...

The video reflects our relationship with God as one where we cant do anything without him. And he is there along the way making sure we get there. We look like people who cant do anything right. Probably pretty pathetic too. We look this way because we are a far from perfect people. It makes me think and realize how little I can do without God. That I am dependant on him to carry me through.

audrey said...

i think the video is a reflection of how our life is. we can do nothing without Christ. Even when we win the race, we must be conscient that He was the One that carried us through. To Jesus we must look like some children who need help. Our relationship with Jesus should be one of submission and trust. its obvious that looking at a video like that really shows us what is it like to be dependant and perseverant.

Olivia said...

I think the video shows that God is the one that carries us through everthing, and without Him we would be nothing. I guess to Jesus, we are like children, learning. I honestly don't see the verse differently though.

Ray said...

Wow, that video was moving.... and I didn't even get to see the last minute, because my puter froze and wouldn't load it.... you could tell that the Father must really love the son.... as the others have said, that is probably how Christ sees us.... but I wonder how many people actually see themselves like that?? With the realization that they can't do it alone and need the Father to carry them.... and verse now sorta of feels like not "through Christ who gives me strength" but "through Christ who is the strength".... maybe it's kinda the same thing... dunno...

sasha said...

♥ The video shows us what God is doing for us and what he will be doing all through your life time.

♥ I think that we should look like him cause we can do nothing without him, we need his help,suport and many ohthe things from him "and ONLY him".

♥ This doesn't realy impact me in my spritual life but it does make me realized things.

♥ The verse - for me - tell us what God is and would do for us if we stay in is way * the way that we choose for us his children. And also it says that god will always give us strenght during our road.