Monday, July 14, 2008


Hi everyone, I think I am almost wiki'd out for the day. I am taking a bit of time to organize the wikis and to make them easier to follow, especially for parents. And yes, it is easier than it sounds. We have received some suggestions that we should make the links directly on the pages instead of an making an index, so as we write about something we give the link for people to go directly to it. It makes sense and I do like the look and feel to it.

Of course this is all in the hope that it will help communication between home and school. It seems strange in a world where there are more methods to communicate then every before there would continue to be such a lack of communication. The problem is not in the system but in the manner and method. We say a lot but are we actually saying what people need to hear. Just because we say it does not mean any one is listening.

Often those who help in this area of communication state that we need to have people verify what we have said. This is very true for our children. It is not enough to assume they understood us and it is not enough to ask them if they heard us, we need to get them to repeat what we have said. It is only thenCommunication major dimensions scheme that we know they have heard. Our Secondary students proved this many times last year. Just because they were in the room when the instructions were given does not mean they heard or understood.This is why we like using wikis for our communication at school. It allows us to repeat back to the parents what we think we hear them saying. This lets them know we are listening.

This is also true in our relationship with the Father. It is good for us to repeat back to him his instructions and his promises. As we do they sink in deeper and we begin to know that we understand. It also allows the Father to correct us where we are wrong. When we assume we know and we keep it inside we will discover in the crisis of our lives that we do not truly know. It is good to study, to memorize and to sing it back, pray it back, speak it back to God. Watch what happens to your heart and mind as you do.

It has always been about communication. Are we good communicators of God's love?
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