Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Omar - I Am Sorry

Photo of Omar Khadr, copyright released into t...It may surprise some people but I have desired to see our government bring home the young Omar Khadr for a long time now. I cannot say I feel any attachment to the young man and I cannot say I have any sympathy but what I do have is hope. Hope that he could make something of his life yet. Hope that he will meet Jesus. If we take away this hope for people what do we have left to keep our society moving forward? What do we as Christians hold on to?

He was a young man who had an idealistic father who believed that violence was a means to an end. The young man had no say in what he had to experience as a child. He may have had the same choice as any of us when he threw that grenade but did he have any choice in finding himself in that situation? Yes, he may have killed a man by his actions but was it not in an arena of war? Let him come home and stand trial as a murderer here but first bring him home.

Why would I even blog on this? Because I believe what is happening goes against our ideals as Canadians but even more importantly I believe what is happening robs us of the compassion of Jesus Christ. There are a great many things going wrong in our country but this is one wrong that can be righted. If we as Christians condemn this young man by dismissing the situation from our thoughts are we any better than those Jesus spoke against in his parables? We who have received so much grace through the forgiveness of our trespasses are we not denying Omar this same opportunity? Does anyone see any planks here?

My question is "Why Omar?" We have kids killing people on our streets and we do not lock them away for six years to be tortured with no trial. What has Omar done that is any different? Kids on our street kill for money and thrills. Omar killed because he was trained it was the right thing to do. Which is more frightening?

I am sure most of you have already dismissed this young man and hardly give him a thought. I wish it were that easy for me. The thought of that young man locked away for so long, with no contact with his mother, no word from friends, with no sign that anyone loves him tears at my heart. How much more when I hear those words, "You don't care about me"? Have you looked into the circumstances? Do you know his story? Do you know about his dad and his upbringing? Yes, it is possible that he is a murderer but let us treat him like one at home, with some compassion and hope that this young man may yet become someone great. Is that not the hope we have for all our children?

I am no liberal but I am a father. Let's bring this son home.
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