Monday, September 22, 2008

Lessons I Have Learned

We are six minutes away from ending the day. How would you say it went today? Full of surprises and great adventures? Perhaps some intrigue and "soap opera" happenings? I hope not. Regardless of what some people believe school is about discovery, not excitment. It should be exciting to learn but not in the same definition as video game excitment.

It was a fair day. I was disappointed with the behaviour of a few individuals that threatened the freedom of their classmates. However, in reflection, these students have had the parameters of their life expanded. They need time to learn, to adjust and to discover their new limits. They must learn quickly but that is what school is about.

I am rather pleased and surprised by the amount of work so many people have managed to complete. Could this signify the beginning of a great year for so many individual students?

One thing I learned today, is that no matter how much preparation you put into something you need to be able to execute the event. ERC was great to prepare over the weekend (hours of preparation) but my notes did not help me sitting on my desk at home.

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