Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What To Do With Students Who Drag Others Down

I am writing this as an example for those of my students who lack imagination. Some people may consider students who lack imagination and desire to work to be a drain on a teacher and on the school system. From my perspective this opinion is a correct opinion. Such students drag down a school as an anchor drags on a ship. The winds of imagination are filling the sails and the whole ship strains with the effort of wanting to race across the waters, yet the anchor will not allow that ship to do what it is capable of doing. Does this mean we should cut away the anchor?

Just because part of the ship is not functioning properly does not mean we cast it away. We need to pull the anchor onto the ship so that the entire ship can carry it along on the great adventure of life. Instead of being cast away students should be drawn in so that the class may carry them along. If we keep them at a distance through the process of learning they will cause difficulty on the fringe of the classroom. However, if we are able to draw them in and excite the rest of the class then everything will move forward. The real challenge is how to draw them in at the same time as exciting the rest of the class to race ahead. I believe there is value and worth in every student, it simply is not found in equal portions in each student. We love them for who they are and believe they can go beyond their own limitations.

This is an example of a 200 word, five minute opinion piece.

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