Thursday, December 27, 2012

Passion For The Name

Why are we so passive in our service to Jesus? In fact, could we even say that we are serving him? We have this ongoing identity crisis in the Church. Perhaps not identity, we know who we are, we just don't know what that means. We seem to think that we are here to worship. We think as long as we are worshipping everything is going to be okay. Although worship is part of who we are and is our great desire, it is not why we were left here. If God just wanted us for worship he would have brought us home where we could do it better. No, we worship but we worship while we serve because we have been left here to serve. But we are pretty lousy servants.

Is there a fire burning in your belly? Are you willing to give everything up to complete the task that has been given to you? Does it occupy your thoughts and direct your actions? For most I would say not. Jesus is something we do on the side, an addendum to our life, more like a good luck charm or an insurance policy. We have our own agenda and purpose and just want to thank God whenever he blesses us in it. But that is not how it is suppose to be. That is a religious notion and one that offends our God who told us that he must be central to our being.

Some do not want to consider our service to be a struggle. They do not want to think it would take much effort. They do not want to think that we have to make any kind of investment in God's mission. But it is a struggle, it does cost everything, it takes a great deal of investment of time, energy and effort. Apostle Paul called it a struggle:

I want you to know how much I am struggling for you and for those at Laodicea, and for all who have not met me personally. (Colossians 2:1)

No one can deny his passion in his service, or the sacrifices and cost he paid to complete his race. He faced death all day long, spent countless days in jail, was a hated and wanted man, survived several ship wrecks, sacrificed food and sleep. Paul did whatever he had to do to fulfil his service to Jesus. He was not earning anything from God because he knew it was already his, done by Jesus. But Paul served out of a great sense of debt to Jesus for the extravagant love that had been poured out on him.

I think many of us are appreciative but few of us feel any great debt to Jesus. It almost comes across like God owes us something instead of the other way around. Jesus said that a sign of our love for him is our obedience to him. We serve out of love and obedience that comes from that love. When we serve out of love and not obligation we serve with our entire being, holding nothing back. We make the most of ever opportunity.

Is there a fire in your belly for Jesus? Does he have all your passion? Do you have in mind to serve in the same attitude that Paul served, nothing held back, no matter the cost? Are you willing to become hated for doing the right thing. Are you willing to worship in the actions of your hands instead of just the words of your mouth? We know what God was willing to do to save this world, now what are we willing to do to bring that message to those who are lost in the dark?

We need to find our passion again. We need a deep renewal of our relationship with Jesus. We need a refreshing, a reminder of his great love and his call to action. We need to wake up to his call to service.


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