Saturday, December 15, 2012

What Went Wrong On December 14?

How can anyone make any sense out of what happen in that elementary school? It doesn't make sense. It never makes sense when someone decides to take the life of another person. It just becomes that much more horrifying when they take the life of a child. If you feel sick to your stomach over this; if you are disturbed to the core of your being; if you are both scared and angry; if you are frustrated over the hopelessness of preventing another one from happening, good. We need to be.

However, we are stupid. In fact, we are idiots.

We actually believe that we can enjoy the kind of entertainment that we do and there will be no effect on us. Sure, this is an extreme manifestation of the changes that we are seeing in our pattern of thinking. It is one of many extreme manifestations but there is an ongoing change in the way we are shaping our pattern of thinking, our perception of right and wrong, good and bad, acceptable and not acceptable, and we are feeding it to our children all the time.

We are horrified when a girl gets raped but have you heard the music we are producing? Have you listened to the lyrics of the most popular songs that are playing twenty times a day on the radio? Sexually charged ideas and suggestions, fanciful notions that ignite the imagination and desires of you men and women, of our children? We can't subject our minds and hearts to such things and expect to stay the same.

Our children make-believe war every day. They play at killing people. They pick up weapons of every variety and they make war against each other. This is the entertainment we place in their hands and then we fail to understand why they change so much, why they aren't our little Bobby any more. We are stupid idiots. We are too ignorant to be parents. We are afraid to make tough decisions and stick by it.

However, all of this pales in the face of the underlying problem. The restraints that we had in place in our society are giving way to our human nature. Our nature is not a good thing. It was corrupted a long time ago. We were created to be friends with God but we turned our back on him to choose our own path, a path of independence. Our nature is a rebellious one and it is naturally drawn to the dark. Well, that darkness is increasing and no amount of humanity is going to help because humanity is the problem.

Without our friendship with God the darkness will only increase. Jesus made it possible for us to return to that friendship. He made it possible for us to be rescued from the darkness. He made it possible for us to be set free from our bondage to our human nature, the sin nature with which we are born. He is the answer to every single social problem we are having in the world. He is the answer to rape and gun violence. He is the answer to the demons that torment us. He is the answer to our longing for peace and joy. He makes sense of even the messes we have made.

The fact is, when we are possessed by the love of Jesus it is impossible for us to hate anyone; even those who hate us. The love of Jesus would never allow us to willingly bring harm to anyone. If the love of Jesus had possessed the heart of that sick heart in that elementary school we would not be mourning the lose of so many lives today. My heart is broken for the parents, brothers and sisters who now have to carry the burden of such a lose. I know even there Jesus will bring healing but I hate the fact that he has to bring such healing. Yet, my heart breaks even more for a society that is bent on this kind of self-destruction. We really are stupid. The only answer to such stupidity is Jesus.

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