Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Who Do You Worship During Christmas? (part 2)

Don't be mistaken this Christmas, we don't worship a baby Jesus. In fact, the Jesus we worship is beyond the one we read about in the gospels. We get a glimpse of him near the end but we will come to know him so much more as we serve. Jesus of the gospels set for us an example of a life lived to the fullest through the Holy Spirit. But Jesus is a lot more than this. We need to have better clarity on who it is we worship:

For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him. (Colossians 1:16)

The one who we worship this Christmas is not a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes or even the one who walked on water. Yes, he was that but he is so much more. He is clothed in what we will become when we are called home. He is dressed in eternity which will also be ours. We need to remember that Jesus is the instrument of creation. He is the word with which the Father spoke things into being. By him all things were created.

That's what makes his 33 years with us so much more amazing. We know he is the Son of God and we know he is our Saviour, but I don't think we always appreciate who he is. This one we celebrate this Christmas by placing him in a manger is the one through whom heaven and earth were created. Pretty amazing when you stop to think about it. The one who is responsible for this entire universe volunteered to come as one of us, to rescue us from our own stupidity.

He is responsible for all the things we see; the great waterfalls, the beautiful sunsets, the majestic mountains, the microscopic wonders, the far flung stars. He is also responsible for what we cannot see; the invisible world that so many deny but that is just as real as the visible. The One we keep putting back in the manger is responsible for it all.

This also includes the great powers of the visible and invisible world. When he returns all authorities will bend their knee to him as the reality of his full majesty is pressed upon them. Every authority in the invisible world will yield to him as well. Read the Word, Jesus will not take on Satan, the angels will. Satan is so far beneath the King of kings that the King does not need to face this foe to defeat him. When he returns to take his place as ruler there will be such an army with him that we will finally begin to realize the authority that is our God.

The thing to remember today is that not only was everything created by Jesus but it is created for him. The Father has established the Son's authority and he has placed everything under his feet. He used the Son to create everything and he did it for his Son. Everything belongs to Jesus even if they reject Jesus. It is good to keep that in mind the next time you think of not being nice to someone; that person belongs to Jesus.

This is who I am celebrating this Christmas. Yes, he came as a baby, just like us, but he did not remain a baby. We is the King of kings and Lord of lords, so beyond our comprehension and yet called our friend. He is supreme over everything including your small life and everything in it. There is nothing that comes into your life that he does not know about and nothing that comes against you that he has not permitted. The enemy can't do anything against you that Jesus has not allowed and if he allowed it there is reason for it, even if it is simply to add muscle to your faith. He is sovereign and I trust him. Who are you worshiping this Christmas?

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