Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Accepting Grace At Face Value

Grace is a powerful thing. It is when one person treats another person in a positive way that has not been earned or merited. It is like this: I have been mean to you for ten years and you have suffered under our relationship. Yet, when I find myself in need of some compassion, you are right there, as if I had always been your best friend. Grace is extremely powerful and comes at a great personal price. There is nothing cheap about grace. Grace can also be abused.

We did not deserve Jesus' sacrifice for us. There was nothing redeemable about our character. Today it is taught that there is a little bit of good and bad in all of us but from God's perspective we were totally and completely corrupted by our rebellious nature. From the perspective of our Holy God, we were spoiled goods. Yet, according to his great grace, he still loves us and desires restoration with us. According to his own purpose he never gave up on us and to this day, through the sacrifice of Jesus, he still pursues those who are corrupted him their rebellion.

Let's make it clear in our understanding here:

... who has saved us and called us to a holy life—not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace. (2 Timothy 1:9)

We don't deserve it. We did nothing to earn it. We did not do it for ourselves, it was done fore us. We can't do anything to buy God's grace but he has lavishly poured it out on us. Stop trying to earn it. Stop refusing it. Stop living in the guilt of your past. Stop watering it down. Stop accepting it in bits and pieces. Stop blocking it from certain areas of your life. Stop listening to the accuser and start believing God when he tells you that your rebellious ways are not only forgiven but made as if they have never happened.

Stop making God's grace insignificant. Jesus died to show you that grace. Jesus was willingly changed for all eternity so that he could be the first born of the new creation, opening the door for us to follow. This grace has not come cheaply for our Father or for Jesus. We need to treat it as the great riches that it is and accept it at face value. Yes, we actually have to accept it, drink it in, allow it to be part of us and stop playing these emotional games. We are forgiven. Yes, we didn't deserve it but forgiveness is ours. We have been made a new creation and the newness needs to be accepted and embraced. We are more than we ever were because of what God has done through his grace so stop rolling around in the mud and get up like the prince and princess that you are.

We insult God and continue in our rebellious ways when we do not accept his grace at face value. Who are we to deny God his great desire for restoration with us? Who are we to deny his forgiveness? Who are we to rob grace of its beauty and freedom? Yet we do it every time we allow our past to keep us from soaring with the eagles. We do it every time we fail to walk as giants in this land. We do it every time we allow fear and worry to keep us locked away, never shining with Jesus' glory. We need to live as God's children, dearly loved, cherished, saved and called to a holy life. You have been enabled by God's grace to live the victorious life to which he has called you.

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