Friday, February 15, 2013

Remembering The Significant In My Day

What is going on in your life right now? You could probably list a hand full of things that have your attention. Maybe you are feeling a bit down after a disappointing Valentine's Day. Perhaps you have finance problems, health problems, relationship problems. Maybe you are over worked and under paid. It could be a simple matter of having no future, not knowing where you are going, a real lack of direction. There are lots of things that can play on our emotions, keep us down, make us feel destroyed but I want to share a small verse of the Bible that should bring much into clarity:

Christ Jesus, who has destroyed death and has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel. (2 Timothy 1:10)

Read it again, this time out loud. Okay, a third time, out loud and slowly. Let the words envelop you, washing you, cleansing you from all the insignificant things in your life. Permit them to be separated from your heart because your heart was recreated to contain joy and peace. We allow ourselves to get worked up over things that have no eternal value. When we put these things up against the fact that Jesus has destroyed death and has brought to us life and immortality, they become very small and insignificant things in our life.

I am not minimizing the struggles you are going through. They are real as are the emotions and jumbled thoughts that you face each day. I am not belittling your problems and circumstances, your depression or hopelessness. I am not telling you that it is all in your head and that you should just shrug it off. I don't believe you can avoid these things at all, if you are not won over by Jesus Christ.

These things are quite natural to this world. Worry and fear are a big part of people's lives. But we are not of this world. These struggles and circumstances are not part of who we are. They have no hold on us, no power at all because we are not oriented to this place. Our hope is not found in anything here. Our security is not found in any person or institution here. Even if the authorities of this place strip us of everything we have and lock us away in the deepest dungeons, nothing can touch our joy, because we do not look for worth or rewards in this place.

It is enough for me to remember today that death has been destroyed. It is enough for me to remember that Jesus has brought life and immortality to me. Maybe there are a hundred reasons why the song in my heart should be muted as so many things try to press in on me, but there is one reason greater than any other why that song will be louder than anything else today, and his name is Jesus. He has destroyed and given to me life and immortality. I know that as hard as this place can get, my reward is elsewhere. I know these seasons will pass and the great time of deliverance will be upon us. I know that soon, very soon, I am going to see my King, who I love and serve today, here, in this dark and desperate place.

There are lots of things that can play on our emotions, keep us down, make us feel destroyed but they do not belong to us; they belong to this world. We are not of this world and do not belong to it. We belong to Jesus and that is why joy and peace are greater than anything else today. So instead of remembering these things that would destroy me, I remember my King and sing all day long.

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