Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Please, Be Careful Out There

There is a lot of noise out there. Our current age has more access to knowledge than any age in the past and knowledge continues to increase. This is good but with the good also comes the bad. As knowledge increases it seems our wisdom decreases. It seems we understand less and less what to do with our knowledge. There also seems to be a lack of discernment as we confuse knowledge and "wives` tales". In case you did not realize it, not every source is a good source on the Internet.

I am not excluding the Biblical teaching and the Christian following out there from this lack of wisdom. It is wonderful that there is such a great vehicle for carrying the message of Jesus but not all of what is out there is real or true. In fact, we are poised to see the great following away, as people chase after the false teachings of demons, just as the Word says. I am not saying the people spreading the wrong teaching are demons but demons are behind their influence.

There is real danger in preferring to watch videos and read tweets to gain your spiritual understanding instead of reading and studying the Word of God. Have we forgotten that the Holy Spirit is our teacher? It is he who gives us the ability to know and understand. When we study for ourselves he guides us and where we lack maturity to understand him, he gives us teachers to train us. But teachers have a personal relationship with us. It has to be more than a video series on You Tube, as great as they are. We need to be seeking God's face ourselves, not relying on someone else's revelation.

Jesus has placed solid men and women of faith around us to help us stick to solid doctrine. I am not referring to denominational doctrine, as great as they may be. The greater doctrine is that which comes directly from the Word of God and is pressed upon us by the Holy Spirit. A mature teacher will not lift up one denomination over another, but will always put the Word of God first. It is important that we have a good relationship with such people; people we can trust and who love us, whose interest is not in building their own following but to see us mature in Jesus. Paul wrote to Timothy:

What you heard from me, keep as the pattern of sound teaching, with faith and love in Christ Jesus. (2 Timothy 1:13)

We always seem to be running after new ideas, new insights, new teaching, but we haven't figured out what we have already been given. Just the subjects of faith, hope and love will take us an eternity to explore. Many rush right by grace not understanding the foundational importance in our relationship with God and others. I know it may not seem like the greatest fade in the Church or the coolest thing happening. I realize that some churches down the street are having multimedia event teaching on the end times or on the place of homosexuals in the church or on how to improve sex in your marriage but if you would stay where you are and learn about God's grace from the Word, all these other things will come into focus as well.

There is a lot of weird stuff being taught out there, and it's appearing on a computer screen right in your home. If you solidly stand on the Word and are trained in it, you will spot the false stuff. It's a great opportunity to grow in knowledge these days, but please, be careful out there. You are hated and the enemy's only desire is to see you defeated, and separated from Jesus. Learn to lean on the Spirit and trust him. He will keep your path straight.

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