Monday, July 29, 2013

How Do You Know What Is Right In The Church?

Which God are you interested in serving? The god of the popular gospel where it is reported that God's love will win out in the end or the God who has said there will be a day of judgement? The popular gospel allows for many things that used to be on God's "do not" list but the gospel of the Word of God continues to state there is a difference, a right and wrong. It sure is easier to serve the god of the popular gospel and that in and of itself should be a warning to you.

The reason I ask is because we are losing an entire generation. Now when I say lose, I am not referring to them not coming to church but instead we are losing them from the truth of the Word of God. The truth is being set aside for what feels right and good. There is a new morality coming in based on the logic of man, not based on the Word of God and with it is coming an immorality that is gripping the hearts of our youth.

I stated yesterday to my congregation that finances is what destroyed the heart of my generation, as we sacrificed our soul on society's values at that time. It was all about being successful, having possessions, enjoying the spoils of financial freedom. This is still the dream of my generation. But this generation has a new dream and it plays out in what our God calls immorality.

Sexual immorality is not considered immoral any more but simply youth exploring what comes natural. And if God's love wins out in the end what is the big deal? How are you ever going to know if a partner is suitable if you don't take them on a test run? You may have to go through a few partners to find the right one but that is okay. Hey, you may even decide on someone of the same sex. There is no way that God would ever tell you that you can't love someone. What is marriage anyway? It's only a ceremony, a piece of paper. In fact, marriage has just become big business. God knows your heart. (tongue in cheek)

I wish I could say I was stretching the truth but these are the attitudes and teachings of some of the popular gospel who claim to be lovers of Jesus. Some facts:

Jesus said that there would be a day of judgement and there would be a time that those who claimed to follow him, but who did not obey, would be thrown out of the Kingdom into a place of torment. Funny how this doesn't fit with the image that many paint of a God of love. Because it doesn't fit in, it gets dropped. We fail to see that it is his love that opened the door to rescue us from this future. It is love that has given us two thousand years of grace to make a decision for him. That is incredible all on its own.

Another fact, Jesus said that condemnation depends on the decision we make about him:

"Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God's one and only Son." (John 3:18)

But you see it is not a matter of believing and then doing whatever you want. Our God is holy and he has told his children they too must be holy. Jesus put it quite simply:

"If you love me, you will obey what I command." (John 14:15)

Love is not willy nilly, do whatever you feel is best. Love has obligations. Because God has declared his love for us he is obligated to us. When we declare we love him we have an obligation of obedience and worship. We can't make things up or twist what God has commanded. It is not a game. We need to seriously know these commands.

I am sad that this may hurt you and make you fel picked on but having sex outside of marriage is not acceptable to God. It is sin, an act against his righteousness. Having multiple partners is wrong, a sin. Having sexual relations with the same sex is wrong, a sin. Having sexual relations with a child, an animal, or anything else a depraved mind can think of, is wrong, a sin, an assault on the righteousness of God.

In fact, our God is so holy that Jesus told us that to look at someone lustfully (walking down the street, on your computer, in a video or movie) is wrong and is as bad as having sex with that person. It is not about feelings but what God has commanded, and if we love him, we will desire to obey.

God's love does win in the end, for those who repent of a sinful heart and who desire to walk in God's righteousness. His love allows for the grace to cover our failings. The great news is that we still live in the age of grace. His Holy Spirit is still here because the Church is still here. But a day is coming when his Spirit will be removed and the Church will be taken up. Will you be on the Lord's side or will you be allowing the god of this age to tickle your fancy?


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