Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It Is Suppose To Be Way Different Than This

It only makes sense, doesn't it?

Always trust God.

And we think we do.

But we don't.

We trust him with certain things which makes us feel like we are trusting him with everything because we seldom actually examine ourselves. We seldom ask ourselves the hard questions and when we do we are always able to justify ourselves. "Well, God gave us intelligence to think for ourselves." But that's not what the Lord said through Solomon:

With all your heart
you must trust the Lord
    and not your own judgment. (Proverbs 3:5)

Do not trust your own judgment. The reason is because God's ways are not our ways and God's thoughts are so much higher than our own. Our mind, our perspective, even our system of thinking has been crafted by the sinful nature of man. It is not natural for us to know God's ways. It is not normal for us to know his mind. However, through Jesus he has made it possible for us to know his mind, to know his ways, to know what we are to do, but it requires us to be centered on him, to be alive in Jesus, to be one with Jesus.

This is important because we think we are living according to God's will when we are actually following our own. We think we are being directed by him but we are being directed by the "common sense" (common sin) of this world. If we would really open ourselves to God's direction it would blow our mind. But we restrain ourselves by the knowledge of this world instead of living life in abundance through the promises of God. Even though God directs us, we walk according to the wisdom of this world. Instead of believing all things are possible through him who gives us strength, we walk away from God's anointing because the wisdom of the world says it is impossible.

I don't know; are we all reading the same Bible?  Can't we read the testimony of those who walked before us? Can we state that we trust in the same way they did? I mean with your family, finances, job, health, education, friends, love? Who is going to plan the size of your family? The wisdom of this world or God? Who is going to decide the work of your hands? The wisdom of this world or God? Who is going to provide for you and your family? The wisdom of this world or God? If God is not directing in these simple things then you will also not allow him to direct your place in the Body of Christ, in ministry. Trust is trust. It is not a partial thing but the whole. And when we trust, God will direct:

Always let him lead you,
    and he will clear the road
    for you to follow. (v. 6)

Always let him lead you. That is a direct and honest question to ask yourself today: Who is leading me? Can you, with confidence, declare that you are not directing your own path but have laid down all your will and are walking in the Father's? Most of us can't because we have not been trained. We have had no one come along side us and question us on this. We have had no one challenge us in our perspective and decisions because most of us think our wisdom is the Lord's:

Don’t ever think that you
    are wise enough,
    but respect the Lord
    and stay away from evil. (v. 7)

Respect means obedience. Not when we feel like it but because love compels to lay it all down before our King. We need to become radical in our desire for the Father's will. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to break down our old way of understanding and allow our minds to be renewed:
    Don’t be like the people of this world, but let God change the way you think. Then you will know how to do everything that is good and pleasing to him. (Romans 12:2) 
Is that plain enough for us? Something tells me it isn't or we wouldn't be talking about it right now. Don't be like the people of this world. Think on that for a moment. Are we really any different? It is when we realize that we aren't any different, other than the music we listen to, the church we attend, and sometimes our vocabulary (but sometimes even this sounds like the world), that we can start being honest with ourselves and God. "Oh God, forgive us for our facade. Open our eyes and show us how we have been wrong." Then maybe we will invite him to change the way we think.

I don't know about you but I am tired of the facade. I want to see as God sees and I want to see what he wants me to see. I want to stop being governed by the rules of this world and start submitting myself to God's promises and principles. I want to stop listening to those who tell me something is impossible when God has told me that through Jesus all things are possible. Too often I have been back and forth in my thinking, but no more. It's the Kingdom of God or it's nothing. It's God's way or no way. Change the way I think Lord and give me eyes to see your design and a willing spirit to accept it.

I trust you.

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