Friday, April 18, 2014

Passion Week: He Stood Before Herod

... he stood in front of Herod.

What a thrill! At last Jesus was right in front of him. How long was it that he had tried to see this man? He had heard so much about what he was able to do.

The blind had sight.

The lame were up and about.

People who were dead were returned to their families, alive and well.

Ever since he was a kid and was taught about the great miracles of God he had wanted to see some proof of this power. How disappointing it was as an adult not to find any proof of God at all, any where, in any form.

But now that this man of miracles was here it was so disappointing. He won't even speak. Not a word. He won't even acknowledge where he is. This was crazy.

"Come on Jesus, I'm even willing to pay you something."


"I can fix this thing with Pilate. Give you a room in my palace? Give you a monthly allowance?"


"Come on, tell me how you do it. Is it some trick of hand? Do you pay the people something? Does it take a lot to fool the crowds or does their imagination make up most of it?"


"Do you really want us to believe that you are God? Come on, you don't look like very much to me. Not very powerful. You can't even get out of this mess you're in let alone create a mountain."


"He's trying to take your crown King Herod."

That of course was the Chief Priest. He was usually such a spoiler of fun, not very kind at all.

"Not only does he claim to be the Son of God, he also claims to be the king, greater than you king Herod."

Somehow the way he said his name made him want him to vomit. Regardless, he was proving to be more entertaining than this so-called prophet.

"Come on Jesus, do a little dance for us. Maybe stand on your head. Come on, just make the water here ripple a little bit. I'm told you have the power to stop storms. What's a little ripple?"


Maybe I will let the guards have a go. This really is getting boring.

Maybe there is no God.

Silence ...

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