Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Closed To The Good News

You can choose not to believe. That is the interesting thing about the human mind, we can convince ourselves of our own reality and no one can convince us otherwise. We believe to be truth what we choose to believe. We can also limit the truth by choosing not to believe. So, many people choose to limit themselves to what they see. What a dull existence if all that exists is what we perceive with our sight.

It is possible to limit Jesus by either choosing not to believe everything the Word tells us or not to believe anything at all. If you choose not to believe in God he will leave you in that non-belief. He has called many of us to fight for you, to pray and to be instruments of his glory and grace so that you can see if you choose to see but if you harden your heart toward him, he will leave you there.

We see this demonstrated in many places in the Word but the one that stands out for me is found in the history of the beginning of the Church:

Some people had closed their minds, though. They refused to believe and publicly slandered the Way. As a result, Paul left them, took the disciples with him, and continued his daily interactions in Tyrannus’ lecture hall. (Acts 19:9)

Yes, that tends to be the results of people closing their minds to Jesus; they don't just walk away, they attack. Often it is not enough not to believe, people also attack what they choose not to believe to justify their non-belief. Strange how that works. As we see more of society being taken in by the lies of the enemy, choosing not to believe the acts of our loving God, they are becoming hostile toward those who do believe. From their position of imperfection they demand perfection from a people saved, not by their righteousness but, by the grace of Yahweh.

By closing their minds many people are unable to understand the message of Jesus, his actions, the Word or the purpose of the Church. We must not be surprised by their actions toward us because they have closed their mind to understanding. However, that does not excuse us from our responsibility to share the good news of Jesus Christ to anyone who is willing to listen. Like Paul, we must move from the hard soil to the fertile soil leaving the others to the mercy of Yahweh. We need to pray that more minds would be open to receiving the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Remember, we are not in the fight of our lives but of those who have not received Jesus. We are well saved and have received all that we need, but now we are involved in a battle that must put others ahead of ourselves, as inconvenient as that may seem. Apostle Paul encouraged us to work hard for the benefit of others so let's get to it and may those closed minds be opened.

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