Monday, January 5, 2015

Living The Old Testament

I would never be one to tell people to ignore the Old Testament of their Bibles but it is important that we no longer live there. It is important to study to discover Father's heart throughout the Bible and to understand the root of what got us to where we are now. It is important for us to see Father's plan from beginning to end but we no longer live under the old covenant. People don't seem to understand this as they try to live according to the old.

One simple example is king David. I have seen a lot of teaching on this man and his relationship with Yahweh but some of the most damaging teaching is concerning the application of grace. I have read books concerning David's sin with the adultery with Uriah's wife and the eventual murder of Uriah. Yahweh called David out on this hidden sin but applied grace at David's repentance. It is here that we can find fallacy in application of the lesson.

David was under the old covenant. He was pre-Jesus. The blood of Christ did not cover him and he had not received this incredible forgiveness by grace. He was not part of the new creation. This is what some teachers seem to forget when they use David as an excuse to remove men and women of God from their calling when they fail. They point out that David's leadership went downhill after this forgiveness, his child died and he faced new enemies. He was forgiven but his authority suffered. People apply this to leaders today as an excuse to rob them of their calling.

It is terrible when leaders fall as it affects so many people. There are natural consequences to such sin and much healing needs to be sought but healing is possible through Jesus. It is also true that all sin has been forgiven, past, present and future. This applies to leaders as well. As long as we confess our sins, healing and restoration is available for all. It is a fundamental difference between the new and old. Everyone sins and through the blood of Jesus everyone is forgiven and restored. We do not live under the constant threat of judgement.

I have yet to meet a perfect Christian so why would we be surprised when leaders fail? The only true failure is the failure to seek restoration through repentance. What hypocrites we are to seek restoration for ourselves but to deny it for our leaders. We are only forcing a make-believe false reality when we try to apply things like perfection on clay vessels.

Yes, our God is a God of justice. However, he has made it clear that he desires restoration over justice. This is the fantastic news Jesus brought to us. When we read about Church correction we need to see that the whole purpose is restoration not punishment. Rejection only comes with a lack of repentance which is true of our relationship with Yahweh.

We need to lose the Old Testament mentality toward judgement and apply the forgiveness, mercy and grace we have received under Jesus. We need to allow the Spirit to convict and restore according to the heart of the Father. We need to tear down such walls and allow people to confess in the freedom of grace and forgiveness, creating churches of healing and transformation by the power of the blood of Christ.

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