Friday, March 29, 2013

It Was All For You

It is finished!



Over with.

The nails have pierced his skin.

The last words were spoken.

The last taunts were offered up.

Forgiveness was given.

The last breaths were breathed.

The side was pierced.

The blood has flowed.

The tears have been cried.

The rain has fallen.

The earth has shook.

The curtain torn.

Everything changed.

The Creator died.

Everything changed.

The power of sin is broken.

Everything changed.

Redemption has been won.

By Jesus.

For us.

But the cost ...

The body is perfumed.

The tomb is sealed.

Hearts are broken.

Reality beckons.

Despair sets in.






Now we wait.

Behind closed doors.

A blanket of fear pulled tight.

Will it happen?

Will we see the sign of Jonah?

Was this more than a day off for you?

Don`t you get it?

It's all about you!

It was all for you.

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