Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Awkwardness Of Saturday


That's the awkwardness of Saturday.


It's amazing how much can change with a blink of time. Only a couple of days ago Jesus was teaching in the temple. Now he lies buried in a borrowed tomb.

On this Sabbath day, the disciples will not gather to worship and pray.

     They will not participate with Jesus in any healings, feedings, teachings, or anything else.

On this Sabbath day the Messiah, the King, the Son of God lay in a tomb.


The only thing the disciples will do today is try to find each other.

     Try to to stop from weeping.

     Try to console themselves that they had no choice.

          They had to run away.

          Jesus wouldn't let them fight for him.

Poor Peter.

     "I will never deny you Lord."

     "Even if I must die, I will never leave you."

Poor Peter. A broken man.

They did not know what we know now. They had no idea what follows the awkward silence. They could not even imagine, even though Jesus had made it plain to them.

For them, today is a horrible day.

     A broken day.

     A hopeless day.

     A dark day.

     A silent day.

Funny how even the Word of God is silent on this awkward day.

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