Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Take Care Of Your Pastor

Hard working pastors are worth their weight in gold. In fact, you can't put the value on a man of God. Yet too often they are treated as employees; someone who can be hired and fired. It's probably because we have allowed them to become managers instead of the men of God they are called to be.

If you ask a pastor for his job description it should be a simple thing:

- to preach, teach and admonish with the Word of God
- to set aside all worldly pursuit for the sake of serving the Body of Christ
- to guide and disciple
- to teach people so they in turn can teach

Instead we will find these things:

- to manage the affairs of the church
- to maintain a balanced budget
- to be financially accountable to the deacon's board
- public relations for the church
- to oversee 2 dozen various committees

And you will find this as a requirement for being a pastor:

- a B.A. in business administration
- a Masters in theology
- a B.A. in psychology
- a teaching degree

It is sad what we have allowed the Church to become when all God requires of his servant's is obedience. Jesus said not to worry about what we will say, that he would fill our mouths with his words. What we need is Holy Spirit filled, anointed, obedient servant's of God. Perhaps there is a reason Jesus called the fishermen and tax collectors and not the priests of his day.

Today we have reduced the pastor to an employee who must meet the credentials of man and earn a man's wages, giving account for his hours, just like any other job. The only problem is that being a pastor is not a job, career, or even a choice. It is a calling to strict obedience and a submission to the anointing of God. The responsibility to look after the servant's of the Church falls on the Church itself. The people have the responsibility to look after their pastors. Paul reminded Timothy:

The hardworking farmer should be the first to receive a share of the crops. (2 Timothy 2:6)

This principle goes way beyond just finances. Who do you think benefits the most from the preaching and teaching? The preachers and teachers do not just teach what they know but what they are receiving. As they study and receive from the Lord they are giving out from the new revelation, always keeping the meal fresh. You will also find pastors do this with everything they receive; time, money, gifts are all freely given out as they are freely received. They are never hoarders.

However, the church that refuses to bless their pastors will in turn discover that the blessing of the Lord stops flowing. If they hold back from these servant's of God, God will hold back from them. Not out of vengeance but just simply because these hearts that refuse to give do not have the capacity to receive. But honestly, what loving heart would not desire to bless those who bless it? Only the religious heart would put requirements on blessings. Freely we have received, freely we should give.

So as the Word says, bless your pastors so that you may be blessed. It is to your benefit.

PS - This is in no way a word directed at my church, which is a blessing to me, but simply the next lesson in the daily reading of God's Word.

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Kelly said...

Pastor Paul, I agree with you, and am saddened by the "commercialization" of the church. The sad part is, often the giftings and skill sets that go along with being the Bible model of a pastor are not the same as those needed by administrators and managers.

I have seen a pastor who was passionate about God and people, who poured his life into everyone, believers and unbelievers, and who was making a huge difference in the life of the community that he was involved with, still be "taken down" by a board that didn't appreciate his lesser abilities in the administrative, "keeping-the-paper-pushers-happy" stuff. It was devastating.

New believers walked away when they saw the church destroy this man's ministry. It was a price the church was willing to pay. One new believer, in a meeting to finish the pastor off, said, "You people are throwing away the food on the plate just because you don't like the way the plate looks." I wept at the truth of this.

I pray that you know, know, know that you are loved and appreciated by your flock, and that God smiles when He looks at you in faithful service to Him.

Blessings, Kelly