Monday, March 4, 2013

Let's Get Serious

Enough playing around. Let's get serious. We are not here for a long time and there is a lot to do. Perhaps not in the same sense that some would value work but it is work nonetheless. Our work is to tell as many people about Jesus as we can and to teach those who decide to become followers of Jesus. It is not a joyless work but one that gives us the sense of completion as we work in the Spirit in the will of God. But just because it is a labour of love does not mean it is not the most serious labour there is on the planet because it is a labour that has an eternal outcome.

Now we are not rogue agents. We don't get to do whatever we feel like. We get to do according to the direction of the Spirit. We are not the General calling the shots but the soldiers who carry out the orders. There are rules and principles at play in this fight for the souls of this world and we need to learn them if we are to be effective warriors in service to the King. The mighty warrior Paul wrote to his fellow warrior and friend Timothy:

Similarly, anyone who competes as an athlete does not receive the victor’s crown except by competing according to the rules. (2 Timothy 2:5)

Do you know, understand, live by and operate in the rules of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ? All citizens, especially all warriors, must know and live by the rules of the Kingdom. The first rule is a simple one: love God with your entire being, so much so that nothing else even comes as a remote second. It is not a whimsical love, up one day and down another, but it is a love so strong that it dictates obedience to our flesh. It is a love that gives birth to obedience, faithfulness and a desire for God's righteousness. It is a love that spurns sin and pledges allegiance, not matter the cost, to the King of kings.

This love is such that rules like "love your neighbour", forgiveness, mercy, compassion, become our nature. These are not things we must think about but what we are. Just as the knights of old lived by the code of chivalry, we modern day knights live by the code of God's righteousness. But there is more to the principles of the Kingdom than just these; there are actual spiritual laws that are in place.

There are simple things to understand but we fail to operate in. There is the law of authority.The authority of Jesus Christ lives in you. When you speak to the things you are coming against you do it in Jesus'authority. Demons must flee from you, they have no choice because of the authority of Jesus. Disease must obey. Spiritual principles must come into play. You are an incredible spiritual powerhouse, a mighty warrior in service to the King, in the authority of the King. And as such a warrior you have the responsibility to fight against the dark realm according to the rules; you have the responsibility to defend the weak according to the governing spiritual principles.

Yes, the battle belongs to the Lord and the victory is ours but we have been left here to fight in service to the King. We are not here to be pampered but to seek the things of the Kingdom. We are doers of the Word. We are agents, warriors, knights, soldiers and we are here to fight. We fight on our knees. We fight with the equipment we have been given. We fight in the full authority of Jesus Christ. We are not weak. We are not defeated. We are not sick. We are not complainers. We are not fearful. We are not doubters. We are not worriers. We are not gossips. We are not destroyers of people. We are not haters. We are not list keepers.

We are warriors!

We are warrior servants, and Jesus is our King. Now walk as Jesus has called you to walk. Walk like Jesus did when he walked in the fullness of the Spirit in obedience to his Father. We are to walk in the fullness of the Spirit, in obedience to our King.

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