Thursday, November 14, 2013

Moving Beyond The Beginning

"Christ died once for our sins. An innocent person died for those who are guilty. Christ did this to bring you to God, when his body was put to death and his spirit was made alive." 1 Peter 3:18 CEV

As is said, Jesus doesn't have to do another thing for us and this one thing is sufficient for an eternity of praise. This moment permeates every single moment of our lives, leaving us in a position of praise and thanksgiving. But this was not the end. This was the beginning point for us. It is the beginning of the transformation, the beginning of the journey, the beginning of spiritual maturity.

The reason so many fall away is because they fall asleep too close to where they crawled in. They accept Jesus as Saviour but never learn the importance of making him Lord. They never receive the Baptism of the Spirit. They never learn that we are Kingdom dwellers. They never learn that we live by different rules and that we don't pursue the things of this world. They go no further that attending church, singing songs, giving an offering and reading a Bible they don't understand.

Jesus died, not so we can attend church, but so he could bring us to the Father. The Holy Spirit was given to us for more than a mark, more than just to mark us for the Lord. The Spirit was given so that we could be one with God; Christ in us and we in him. We are never away from him. We are never separated. We are always empowered. We are always comforted and strengthened, and filled with hope.

We recognize that every day is another day to serve Jesus, to progress in our maturity, to die to ourselves. There is never a moment of our day that is not dedicated to our King. We take our example from him. Wherever he goes, we go. Whatever he does, we do. Whatever he prays, we pray. Anything less is not our all, and God wants it all, or nothing.

Christ died once for our sins; and we die every day to ourselves. Giving him all the glory and all of our lives.

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