Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Shouting Praises To Our God

Come, let’s sing out loud to the Lord! Let’s raise a joyful shout to the rock of our salvation! Let’s come before him with thanks! Let’s shout songs of joy to him! (Psalm 95:1-2)

Many of us miss the opportunity and benefits of worship because we are too busy complaining. We are so caught up in our little lives, with our little problems and our little perspectives that we miss the greater vision of what God is doing. It is impossible for us to give to God what is owed to him when we have allowed negative emotions and attitudes to cloud the benefits of life in Jesus Christ.

Sometimes we don't even realize we are doing it. We intend to be thankful. We intend to show our love and appreciation. We intend to worship with all our heart, mind, soul and body. Yet, it is a hard thing to do when we are double minded. The worship is happening all around us but our mind is on the bills to be paid, the shopping to be done, the work to be arranged, the fight during breakfast. It is hard to be thankful when we are mulling over the hurt we have experienced at the hands of people during the last week. It is hard to worship our God when we are focused on ourselves.

Even at night, laying in bed, when we should be peacefully at rest in the Lord, we are wide awake, trying to find solutions to our problems. Perhaps it is the fear that we are losing someone or that we have things for which we just can't find a solution. If you are willing to hear, God is speaking in those moments, giving instructions, showing us the path, telling us to trust. But we can't hear because we don't know how to see past ourselves to worship the one who holds all the solutions.

Your joy does not depend on your circumstances but on your relationship with Jesus Christ. Your worship is not dependent on a perfect day but on your relationship with Jesus Christ. Your thanksgiving is not a result of a problem free life but on your relationship with Jesus Christ. We do not worship because of us; we worship because of him. We do not worship because of what we receive; we worship because of who he is.

If we know him we will love him. If we love him we will see what he is doing. If we see what he is doing we will be overwhelmed by who he is. If we are overwhelmed by who he is, we will not just sing songs of praise, we will shout them.

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