Sunday, November 17, 2013

Needy Christians

When you listen to our worship songs Christians sure come off as a needy bunch. It seems we are always crying out to God, expressing our needs but if you listen closely you will hear the difference between our cries and the world's. Our need is for the Lord Jesus himself.

We don't go to church to win favour with God.

We don't do kind things to earn merit points.

We don't do anything to try to manipulate four our own benefit.

We don't need to; he already gave us all the benefits of being his children.

So why do our songs sound so needy?Because we know that without Jesus we are nothing and have nothing. He is our source of joy, strength, hope, love, peace, everything. Our entire desire is to grow closer with him, so we can be more like him,so we can obey what he has commanded.

Yet we live in a world filled with attractions. No one says that sin is ugly in appearance and it is only after we have eaten that the rotten taste is clear. Our heart, mind and spirit long for intimacy with God but our body longs for the pleasures of this world. We cry out to God because we want his presence so evident to us that no temptation could ever overpower us. And it is a daily walk.

For a people who are used to planning a week, month, year or even 20 years in advance, to live day by day in the Spirit is not always an easy discipline. Imagine planning your meals a day at a time, needing to shop every morning for what you need today. That is how it works with Jesus. We have what we need for today. That is why he told us not to worry about tomorrow. It is why it is called a walk of faith. Daily trusting in his mercies for today.

There is no shame in being needy when that need is Jesus Christ. But when he has responded and renewed us again, when we have been bathed in his presence, when he has responded to our heart cry, we need to rise up and take action in the mission we have been given. If all we did was sit around and bathe in his presence, we would fail the mission.

So sing his praise and your need of him; receive all his benefits; and get to work.

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