Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Forgetting The Power Of Our God

It is amazing the short term memory with which most of us suffer. We certainly live in the moment, forgetting the experience that has gotten us to this place. Yesterday we were praising the Lord for his great provision, the amazing way he took care of our need. But today we are back to wringing our hands because we have no idea how we are going to overcome today's challenge.

We all do it.

Maybe we don't do it all the time but we are still guilty of setting aside our trust in the Lord during certain key periods of our lives. Even Moses had his moments. I say even Moses, not because he had something greater than us but because he had seen so much. He didn't have Jesus or the testimony we have, but he had hands-on experience with the provision and deliverance of Yahweh. Yet, we find this in Numbers:

"The people I'm with are six hundred thousand on foot and you're saying, 'I will give them meat, and they will eat for a month.' Can flocks and herds be found and slaughtered for them? Or can all the fish in the sea be found and caught for them?" (Numbers 11:21-22)

The people had been complaining against Yahweh because they had grown tired of manna and they wanted meat. They were in a desert where they could not plant crops and where there was very little to hunt or trap. Yahweh was sustaining them with food from heaven but they wanted meat. Being in a desert we can understand Moses question about Yahweh's promise of meat for so many people for such a long period of time but we should not forget to whom he was talking.

"The Lord said to Moses, 'Is the Lord's power too weak? Now you will see whether my word will come true for you or not.'" (v. 23)

Is the Lord's power too weak? How many times have we heard that same voice ask us this in the darkest moments of our lives? Jesus told us that what is impossible for humans is possible for God. We need to remind ourselves of this fact every day, whether we need that reminder or not. When we live in that reality, the reality of the Kingdom, every day, then when those occasions happen upon us, we will walk through them without fear, anxiety and doubt.

It can help to keep a little note book and record all the things that Jesus sees us through and to review these things once a week. It is a good reminder of his power, ability and goodness. If we think about it for just a moment, we have made it through every crisis we have ever faced. He always sees us through but instead of crossing the finish line bruised and battered he wants us to cross in great triumph, with praise on our lips.

It may be difficult for us to understand but Jesus wants us to succeed. It is true that he loves us but his great desire is to bring Father glory. Our success brings Father glory. Our triumph over tragedy, our victory over fear, praising in the dark times, walking amidst our enemy with heads held high and a heart full of love are just a few of the things that brings Father glory through us. Jesus has a vested interest in our triumph over all things. Moses understood this in the desert, that the failure of Israel would rob Yahweh of his glory, but there were small moments when he forgot that everything is possible for God.

If you forgot today, it is okay, you can still smile because Jesus loves to remind us just how good and great is our Father. We are loved. He is for us. His desire is to see us succeed in all things and to live a life of great victory. It doesn't mean there are not dark valleys and things to overcome. After all, it requires a battle to have victory.

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