Thursday, March 10, 2016

God Isn't A Man

A person cannot simply ignore God. A decision needs to be made and once made we need to allow that decision to invade every aspect of our being. The basic question is, do we believe that we can trust God? I don't think that the basic question is, does God exist? Given the right circumstances, the vast majority of people on this planet believe there is a God. They may be deists but they won't deny the God part in our creation and well being.

Most people have yet to discover who this God is and may even think he is impersonal and out of our reach. They are wrong, but it may be what they believe. It still comes down to the question, do we believe we can trust God? Can we trust him to keep his promises? Can we trust he is who he says he is? Can we trust he is for us and does not secretly want to kill us? Can you believe that God actually answered this?

Let me move from the impersonal to the personal. God is real, present, compassionate and forgiving. His name is not God (a title), but "I AM who I AM". We translate this as Yahweh, Jehovah or LORD. Now Yahweh, who is far from impersonal, loves us very much and has done everything he can to bring us into an intimate relationship with him. Here is his answer to the question, "can he be trusted":

"God isn't a man that he would lie, or a human being that he would change his mind. Has he ever spoken and not done it, or promised and not fulfilled it?" (Numbers 23:19)

Every super hero we create we create with a flaw because we cannot stand perfection. Every god we have created we created with flaws; we cannot believe in perfection because of our own imperfection. Yahweh is not like that. He is not created after our image. He is the Creator, so far beyond us it is hard for us to accept him. He is perfect, flawless and trust worthy. He made a decision to love us at the very beginning and no matter what it has cost him he has not backed down.

He has proven himself over thousands of years to be as good as his word. When he promised blessings they were received. When he promised correction it came. But like any relationship, a person cannot be seen for who they are until you spend time with them. I can tell you that Yahweh is trustworthy because he has never failed me. That may be enough to start you seeking him but my testimony won't keep you strong; you have to have your own.

When you make the decision to repent of your rebellion against Yahweh and to follow Jesus Messiah, you receive the promise that he will be one with you, that he will never leave you and will be with you to the end. It's like a wedding vow. But that vow will be tested in the reality of life, with all its complications. It is in living your life in Jesus that you gain a testimony and discover that he is trustworthy. There is no easy way.

You cannot ignore Yahweh. Jesus told us there is no fence sitting, a decision must be made. He wants intimacy with you. He wants to know you and wants to be known by you. He has laid it all out for you, giving his very best and he says "I am as good as my word". Will we make the decision to trust him?


Jess said...

I love this post. I am glad you are writing again. I love the insight. Thank you. God bless.

Paul Van Buren said...

Praise the Lord! Jess, I too am glad to be back to writing. It was a frustrating few months out in the desert. :-)